Accredited Online Degrees

Accredited Online Degrees

What is an “accredited online degree?” How important is it when deciding on which school I will enroll in?

These are the questions that one usually asks when considering other alternative forms of learning, such as enrolling for an online degree program, and acquiring a diploma. Although there are benefits through studying online, the dangers are very real: there are phony degrees that give you “diploma mills”, those courses that only last for weeks. Employers will refuse to accept them as a proper diploma and ended up not hiring you. So it’s important that when you decide to take an online course, make sure that it’s from an accredited online degree program.

How important is an accreditation? A school having accreditation ensures that the degree will be recognized and that the students receive quality education—it protects the student and gives them assurance. A degree is a valid proof to show that you have learned and a physical evidence of your efforts; and it must be issued by an accredited school. Accreditation is done by a third party, unaffiliated with the government, and ensures that standards are met yearly by various colleges and universities, giving assurance to the students that the education that they’re investing in is worthwhile. The process for accreditation is also expensive, effectively separating those who are genuine from those who are phonies. And it’s especially important that one enroll in an accredited online degree program since most employers have existing biases against online degrees, not only having higher standards but also more alert to possible fraud since a degree can be forged using a regular editing program.

Applying for an online course in established, famous universities are safe enough but one must exercise caution when eyeing small schools. Some scammers might also use almost similar names of established schools and tempt the prospective student with their “connections” and “job opportunities”. Also, those who are unfamiliar with online degrees might have more trouble in distinguishing the legitimate organizations and online schools. Another way to avoid being scammed is to research the background of your prospective university or college and the problems that it had in the past with its students, and if it was accredited or not.

So to save yourself the time, money and heartbreak; if you ever plan on pursuing your degree online, it is important that you obtain a diploma from an accredited online degree program.