Alternative Careers for Lawyers

What Are Alternative Careers for Lawyers?

Not everyone who finishes law goes into the practice. Some begin their careers but soon discover that it is really not their cup of tea. Others have a change of heart due to different situations in their lives. They decide to go for a career change because of the desire to do something else with their expertise.alternative employment for lawyers scale

But for those who are intent on sticking to a career with the law, what are alternative careers for lawyers? What else can they do when they’re not dealing with clients? In short, what are alternative lawyer jobs?

Alternative Careers for Lawyers

Lawyers are good with written and verbal communication. They are also good with negotiating, solving problems strategically and systematically, and can think analytically and critically. Given these skills, career experts say that the following are the best alternative careers for lawyers:

  • Going for Advocacy Work. Since lawyers are experts in negotiating, their skills of persuasion can be incredibly useful to a nonprofit organization.
  • Putting Up Their Own Businesses. Consider putting up a business that’s not in any way connected to a law degree. Try a convenience shop, a shoe store, or even a photography studio. Lawyers have the skills of convincing people and have a client-focused thought process which helpful in any business.
  • Becoming a Therapist. Lawyers have the knack of listening to others and convincing them to change their minds. By obtaining a therapy degree, lawyers can help their patients with their mental health by persuading them that nothing is wrong with them. Of course, this will require the lawyer to earn an additional degree.
  • Become a Teacher. Many lawyers who are used to public speaking should consider becoming a teacher. They may even find it easy to teach others what they have learned in school. Besides, having a professional degree makes them more marketable.
  • A Professional Public Speaker. Lawyers can consider a job that is heavy on public speaking since they talk for a living anyway. They can also be inspirational speakers at times.
  • Go Into Politics. Yes, many lawyers nowadays are into public service. Going into politics can bridge the gap more between the masses and the government.

Other Alternative Careers for Lawyers

There are many, many other ways for lawyers to have a job outside the practice of law. Among these include:

  • Legal writing, publishing, and editing. All those sleepless nights researching facts and materials may come in handy one day. Law students need a whole lot of books to read and lawyers are the right people to write them.
  • Banking and finance. For tax lawyers, this is work that’s right off the bat. Positions include financial planner, trust officer, commercial loans, risk manager, and estate planning advisor.
  • Human resources. More and more companies need professional people to hire staff and train them. Lawyers can work as training managers or human resource administrators.

Whatever jobs they choose, there are still other alternative careers for lawyers. They must find challenging and fulfilling jobs that still use their degree to some extent.

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