Associate's Degree

Associate’s Degree

Associate online degree programs are the most practical courses that one can take up. Those who want to earn a college degree but are held back by time and financial constraints can already benefit greatly from this. Upon completion, the credits earned in online associate degree programs may be used as basis for a bachelor’s degree or a future career in a related field. Generally, it takes two years or sixty credit hours to complete associate online degree programs. A person who has completed an associate online degree has gone through the core general education courses and electives with concentration on a specific area of specialty.

There are four types of associate degrees. Associate of Arts (A.A.) and Associate of Science (A.S.) degrees are designed to transfer to a bachelor’s degree program in a college or university. Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) is designed in preparation for either career entry or job advancement after a two-year college study. It may be fully or partially transferred to four-year colleges. This type of associate degree is also the minimum requirement of employers for mid-level technology position. Occupational degrees or applied degree programs is designed in preparation for immediate employment of students after graduation. Primarily, the function of this type of associate degree is career preparation, but some courses may be transferred to four-year colleges.

There are many benefits that prospective students can enjoy with online associate degree programs. Taking up an online degree is less expensive, but not necessarily less stressful, even though classes may be accessed at any time of the day at home. Regularly commuting to and from school will also not be a problem anymore. This setup works well for people with jobs or other responsibilities. In addition, many online schools situated in different locations offer online associate degree programs. This gives more options to students without being limited to choose a school based on location. If a student lives in Wyoming and his school of choice is in New York, then so be it.

Online associate degree programs are also more manageable for some students, since it does not take long to complete. Credits from an associate degree may also be transferred to a bachelor’s degree should one decide to do so in the future. Furthermore, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce, the salary of a person with an associate degree is twice as much as the salary of a high school graduate. Since an associate degree is considered as college education, employment opportunities for its graduates are potentially more abundant.

The advent of associate degree programs has made education more convenient for everyone. It serves as a stepping stone for both a career and an opportunity to move up to a bachelor’s degree. If the demands of traditional school or a four-year degree program prove to be too challenging, consider online associate degree programs as a good alternative.