Should I Become an Automotive Technician?

Should I Become an Automotive Technician?

If you’re planning to be an automotive technician, you should consider undergoing automotive technician training. With this training, you’re sure to be well-equipped for a real career with very in-demand skills.female automotive technician

For example, auto technician training can teach you methods of diagnosing problems through various systems you normally wouldn’t have access to. You’ll have a chance to use different diagnostic tools and even learn techniques that primarily use your natural senses. You will learn to be well-coordinated, dexterous, and hone your problem-solving skills.

Training Courses

Education options for this field include certificate programs which can be finished in one year or associate degree programs that take about two years to complete. However, keep in mind that both certification and degree courses vary by campus and by program.

Such programs help students to gain knowledge and skills about brake system and transmission repair as well as engine performance. You will also learn about computerized auto performance, engine electronics, fuel injection systems, anti-lock braking systems, air conditioning systems, compressed natural gas, and heavy advanced braking systems. Training will also cover diagnostic methods such as emissions testing and computer diagnoses. There will be plenty of opportunities to test your skills in automotive technician training simulations which give you hands-on experience with electrical systems, emissions and fuel systems, drivability diagnostics as well as transmissions and drive lines.

One of the best aspects of comprehensive auto technician training the opportunity to be taught by knowledgeable certified instructors with many years of experience in the profession. You can get one-on-one training with the use of industry-standard techniques and tools.

After earning a certification or degree to be an automotive technician, your automotive technology school will usually offer placement assistance to help you find a job in the automotive field. Some schools even offer manufacturer-sponsored programs wherein you can specialize in automotive training with the manufacturer’s brand vehicles. After your training, you might even be invited to join their technical team and begin your career working with the best in the industry.

Individuals who finish these degree programs can have careers as a master automotive technician, garage service manager, or collision repair technician.

Job Outlook

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics emphasizes that the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence or ASE voluntary certification has become a widely accepted qualification for automotive technician training. You can be a master technician if you pass all the eight courses. Keep in mind that in order to maintain your certification title, you’ll have to retake these eight exams every five years.

It is highly anticipated that auto ownership will continue to increase. This, together with the growing intricacy of engine management systems, only means that eligible individuals will stay in high demand. After achieving certification in one of the eight areas, your career growth will surely accelerate.  As the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation shows, a professional automotive technician can earn a salary of about $60,000 every year.

So, should you become an automotive technician? In the United States, the increasing demand for auto technicians making it one of the best career options for interested individuals. If you have the passion for this field, you can take the express lane to success and begin your automotive career now by getting an automotive technician training.

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