Aviation Maintenance

Aviation Maintenance

See Your Career Soar By Getting Aviation Maintenance Training

aviation maintenanceBy choosing to attend one of the aviation maintenance schools accredited by the FAA, you are embarking on a career to help airplanes continue to get off the ground. Aviation maintenance is a group of tasks where you inspect, modify, repair, or overhaul an aircraft or an aircraft component. Maintenance will include installation or removal of an aircraft component. It excludes elementary work, such as replacing tires, spark plugs; service work like refueling and cleaning the exterior of the airplane, and any work done during the manufacturing process when the airplane has not been certified to fly.

Students of aviation maintenance schools will be getting the aircraft maintenance training they require in order to work in airline hangers around the world. You can decide to get a degree that will help you get a certification with one rating, either Airframe or Powerplant. Selecting a single-rating certificate program will require you 400 hours of study of general subjects and an additional 750 hours of maintenance training for the rating you desire to pursue, thus totaling 1,150 hours. If you decide to pursue both ratings, you require 1,900 hours due to the minimum 750 of the other rating. Seeking an FAA accredited school is highly recommended to be eligible for assistance in paying for your airline maintenance training.

Many graduates of aviation maintenance schools will find that their work will be often preventative. They will find employment in airlines, hangars, and airplane repair shops. They may become aviation maintenance technicians, aircraft engineers, aircraft fitters. After gaining the required experience, you may become and inspection authorization mechanic. Careers are available in airlines, the military, airplane repair shops, and in the FAA. As airplane mechanics retire, career opportunities will grow after obtaining a degree in one of the accredited aviation maintenance schools.

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