How to Become a Pastry Chef

How to Become a Pastry Chef

If you want to know how to become a pastry chef, then you must first bear in mind that this career heavily depends on creativity, talent and skill for advancement.pastry chef

The work of a pastry chef concentrates on creating pastries, cakes, and other baked items. Their primary duty is to take care of the meal’s final part – the dessert.  There are many people who are interested to be a pastry chef.  However, not everybody is fit to get this job. One must have advanced skills in order to be a certified pastry chef. Creating delicious and appetizing desserts is indeed tough and challenging. So what are the ways on how to become a pastry chef?

Where to Study

While there are high schools offering mandatory culinary training, the most ideal way of becoming a pastry chef is undergoing post-high school training in this field. You can do this by entering in a pastry arts program at a college or career school.  You can also applying to an institution that is exclusively dedicated to pastry arts or culinary arts. You may finish your training within a few months or up to four years depending on the program or school.

Whether you want to get a certificate or a full-pledged degree in the field of pastry arts, you need to make sure that you only attend the programs or schools that are accredited or recognized by The American Culinary Federation.

After finishing your studies, you may then select various ways on how to become a pastry chef in a professional level. You can start working in a reputable restaurant or bakeshop, join several pastry and baking competitions, or you may even start your own bakeshop if you want.

What to Learn In A Pastry School

Becoming a pastry chef or a patissier involves creating a multitude of desserts in order to please even the most discriminating of customers.

Whether you like to be a baker or a pastry chef, you will discover that the subjects or courses you will take in a pastry school will vary. For instance, a baker will have to concentrate on the everyday cookies and cakes that everyone grew up enjoying. A pastry chef will need to know more about how to make desserts from around the world while refining their creativity to come up with their own creations. Another difference between a pastry chef and a baker is the artistry level required in their designs. Pastry chefs focus on decorative frosting designs, exotic flavors and tastes and complementary colors.

Generally though, pastry chefs and bakers will both learn the nitty-gritty of making cakes, cookies, breads, tarts, chocolates and confections. This includes learning about the ingredients that complement one another, the right temperature for baking and how to present food in an appealing way.

Before you think about how to become a pastry chef, you must first make a decision about what career you truly want to pursue. Keep in mind that you will have an edge on this field if you pour your heart into it.

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