Become a Radio Announcer

Become a Radio Announcer

When you listen to the radio, do you ever wonder about the voices behind it? They are called radio announcers and their job is to create the style and tone of a radio show. During the show, they also try to establish a good relationship with the listeners. Their main responsibility is to come up with and deliver content. They often provide this content on websites and other mobile platforms as well.Radio Microphone Presenter

What are the steps in how to become a radio announcer? How do you transcend from being an ordinary student to becoming a radio host?

How Do You Become a Radio Announcer?

It’s not enough to have a deep baritone voice that reverberates throughout the whole room, you need other aspects as well: excellent performance and presentation skills, knowledge of the laws pertaining to public broadcasting.

yYou should also be able to multitask as you will often present while simultaneously operating the studio controls. You should be adaptable and self-motivated, able to communicate well with your audience, and most important, be entertaining. Of course, a bit of software audio and editing know-how wouldn’t hurt.

Since radio announcers often deal with technical issues, many have a background education on IT skills. In fact, most employers would require you to at least have some hands-on experience in data handling processes and word processing. Those who want to pursue a career as a radio presenter should take courses related to media, especially those related to broadcasting. Aside from your basic education, you will also need training and qualifications. Your first step is to get on the job training at radio stations.

Higher education is always beneficial to a radio host career. There are many practical courses about production and presentation you can take to hone your skills. And of course, you should make contact with other people who work in radio and try to build good relationships with them. These are the things that will determine whether you become successful in the radio industry.

Even when you have finally landed a job, your training doesn’t stop. You must keep up with the spirit of the times and familiarize yourself with new technologies. Make sure to get proper training, whether it’s done in your work place or given by outside suppliers. There are also some refresher courses available if you are really serious about becoming a successful radio announcer.

Books and Other Audio

If reading is your style, there are also many books that can help you with your training, such as: Creating Powerful Radio by Valerie Geller; Essential Radio Skills by Peter Stewart; The Broadcast Voice by Jenni Mills; and Presenting on TV and Radio by Janet Trewin.

If you really want to get into the radio industry, a good first step is to become a radio announcer.

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