How to Become a Video Game Tester

How to Become a Video Game Tester

If you want to become a video game tester, then the first thing you need is passion for video games. However, passion alone isn’t enough for you to get a job in this industry. You need to be aware of the requirements you must meet as well as the challenges you need to overcome in order to be a successful video game tester.

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What Does A Video Game Tester Do?

From the name itself, a video game tester tests various products of video game companies before they are launched in the market. Video game users are some of the most demanding consumers and they expect the best from video game developers. A small glitch here or there is excusable but a game that ships with glitches that break the game can make video gamer extremely dissatisfied. A dissatisfied and unhappy video gamer will not just refuse to purchase the product of the company but they can easily broadcast the news online, persuading others to avoid that product.

Video Game Tester Education Requirements

Generally, there is no education requirement to become a video game tester aside from a high school diploma. This requirement may often be waived, especially if you have a very impressive portfolio and possess the ability to continuously play video games for several hours. However, finishing a bachelor’s degree in fine arts or in computer science will surely provide an aspirant an edge in terms of finding employment.

Your Video Game Tester Portfolio

To become a video game tester, it is a great help to have your own portfolio that includes a list of previous video games or projects you’ve worked on. More importantly, make sure that your portfolio highlights your duties while video game testing and that all the information is organized neatly. This will definitely set you apart from other job applicants.

Working in the Video Game Industry

You can go directly to video game companies or developers to work as a video game tester. These companies often provide training for successful applicants and offer their employees a more comprehensive experience. Some testers are given the chance to not only work on video game projects but computer programs as well.

Income of a Video Game Tester

The starting income for a video game tester ranges from $10 to $15 every hour. If you make this career a serious profession, work full-time or 40 to 50 hours per week. Continue producing impressive reports and you’ll be quickly promoted to earning $30 to $40 per hour or more in just a year or two. This is a great income considering that all you do is play video games almost the whole day and you do not need to have any advanced credentials to become a video game tester.

If you have a passion in playing video games and want to earn money from it, this job is indeed a very ideal profession for you. However, always keep in mind that even though you are paid to just play a video game, your actions can affect the reputation of the video game company. Being diligent in your work and carrying out your tasks will help you become a video game tester that will succeed in the industry.

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