Do you have a future in Interior Design?

Do you have a future in Interior Design?

How to become an Interior Designer

do you have what a future in interior designEver thought about how to become an interior designer? Asked your guidance counselor on which schools offer some wonderful interior design programs? Read on find out what are the basic requirements that needed to be accomplished to become an interior designer.

Interior designers basically plans the space, which color suits the personality of the people who’s going to live there, what kind of furniture and textiles, carpet, draperies, the small pieces you want to place around your house, and even use the space to its full potential. To become an interior designer, you’ve got to have the vision, you can look at a blank room and see potential just like how a painter can see potential to blank canvas or see look at a space full of clutter and create a masterpiece out of the clutter. The profession is a mixture of creativity, talent, and a keen eye for detail.

To become an interior designer, you’ll need to gain a bachelor’s degree from a college where their design program is approved by the Foundation for Interior Design Education Research. While in design school, you might want to include some computer-aided designs courses, you’ll be expected to know how to use a computer to create your space design. In school, look for internships where you can practice and gain some field knowledge on how one can become an interior designer. And in some ways, gain some important contacts in the field.

Once done with college, you’ll need to get a license to start your practice on your way to becoming an interior designer. You’ll need to contact the state’s regulatory agency to get the requirements for being a certified interior designer. The requirements may differ by state, so you’ll need to gather the information you need in the state where you wish to become an interior designer.

Once you become an interior designer, you have your license, you might want to spend a few years working in the field, a year or two would suffice. This is helpful when you take the NCIDQ qualification exam since it’s one of the prerequisite to take the exam. Pass the exam and you’ll be accepted into a professional interior design firm and well on your way to become an interior designer.

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