Best Law Schools

The Best Law Schools

If you consider yourself persuasive, good in negotiations, a critical thinker, and have a knack for writing, maybe you should think about going to law school. If you already have a 4-year bachelor’s degree, then you are eligible to apply any of the best law schools. Once you have decided to pursue a career in law, the next question is where? best law schools books and chair

Colleges for Lawyers

In a recent ranking of colleges for lawyers, the big three have maintained and consistently belonged to the top spot for three consecutive years now. The number one spot belongs to Yale University. It is a well-known fact that Yale is the very first university in the United States to bestow a PhD in 1861. Five US presidents have graduated from this prestigious university.

Second place belongs to the famous Harvard University. With its years of commitment to excellence, many lawyers have succeeded in their practices. The current president of the US, Barack Obama, is an alumnus of the said institution.

Third rank is conveniently owned by Stanford University. These schools are known to be affiliates of 50 Nobel laureates.

Why should we consider enrolling in such schools?

It is important to choose carefully among the best law schools in the United States. The quality of education and training you receive in a top school is better compared to other schools. Big schools with good reputations are more likely to have a comprehensive curriculum and are usually equipped with better facilities.

Also the prestige attached to a top ranked law school can carry a lot of weight on your resume. Employers are more inclined to hire a student that graduated from one of the best law schools. Not only does it make it easier to get hired, your choice of law schools can accelerate your promotions.

Of course, enrolling in such distinguished universities would also mean high expenses in tuition fees. It is true that the higher the reputation, the higher the expense. Scholarships are also available for those applicants who pass the evaluation. Keep in mind that maintaining a scholarship is quite stressful. You’ll have to keep up your grade averages just to stay as a scholar.

Graduates from these colleges for lawyers employ highly acclaimed and well-versed professors in the field of law, many of which are, themselves, alumni of the school. Consider these factors before you choose a college: Is this the school I want to be identified with after I graduate? Will this school take me to the path to greatness? Choose wisely.

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