Best Medical Careers

Best Medical Careers

There are good reasons why medical students study for the best medical careers for years and years. One is that they have to memorize a lot of information. Consider that a med student has to memorize every part of the human body. That’s a lot to learn in one subject alone, not to mention all the other subjects in medicine. After the learning comes the application process, where they are exposed to real-life situations in hospitals and clinics. From there, a student can move on to a specialization, where the student opts to study a specific part of the body like the heart, lungs, or kidney.

best medical careers

A medical student doesn’t necessarily have to become a doctor. A student should consider the many available medical careers and find the job which best uses his skills.

Here are the top eight best medical careers of all time.

Registered Nurses. By 2016, the healthcare profession will employ around 580,000 registered nurses excluding older nurses who will have retired. Those pursuing a medical career in nursing will someday find huge prospects and opportunities in this age-old profession.

Home Health Aides. In some countries they are called caregivers. They work in hospices to check the vital signs of older people, help with their daily chores, and administer medicines. Like registered nurses, more and more people are expected to work as home health aides. Because of recent events, this is a job which is booming even in these times of financial crisis.

Medical Assistant. Medical assistants help with the administrative and clinical work in hospitals. They can work in a number of different departments and are assigned as needed. They are usually tasked with distributing medicine to patients as well as helping out with patients’ daily needs. With some formal training and certification, medical assistants can find great opportunities in all parts of the globe.

Pharmacy Technician. Pharmacy technicians assist pharmacists in providing health care products to patients. They do inventory, label tablets, and are sometimes called on to do administrative work. They are not, however, tasked to answer questions regarding prescriptions. Most hospitals don’t provide formal training but there are some employers who give on-the-job training.

Medical Secretary. Similar to medical transcriptionists, medical secretaries must have a wide range of administrative experience. There will be more opportunities for those looking for a position as the demand for this job is expected to rise in the next few years.

Dental Assistant. Dentists often need help when performing treatments which is why dental assistants are so necessary. They are there to perform a variety of work: taking x-rays, sterilizing instruments, and talking with patients about dental care. They also have the benefit of flexible schedules. It is interesting to note that more and more schools are now offering this type of program get it here.

Healthcare Administrator. More and more hospitals are in need of healthcare administrators to oversee the medical personnel. Healthcare administrators also supervise medics and administrative assistants. Anyone who wants to take up such a demanding position should have the ability adapt to new environments.

Medical Records and Health Information Technician. These medical personnel keep tabs on a patient’s medical history which includes x-rays, lab tests, and treatment plans. They must keep detailed records and ensure that they are kept closed and confidential.

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