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Career Planning and Changing Careers

Career planning is not just a one-time event done after high school or college. Rather, it’s something you periodically do even while working. In fact, many people require career planning at least once every quarter, especially those who often change jobs. One is never too old nor too young to reevaluate their planning and changing careers imagination

Career planning is not a hard thing to do. It should be seen as an invigorating experience, one which can provide goals and objectives to newer, better opportunities. If done properly, it is a rewarding activity.

Here are tips to help one with career planning.

Fit Career Planning into the Schedule – at least once a Quarter. There are certain activities that people always find time to do. They go to the doctor for a checkup. They go out of town for vacation. They visit friends and relatives. Why not do the same thing with career planning? Those who often change jobs need to free themselves from distractions by going on a retreat at least once in a quarter. This gives them the time to map out what needs to be done and how they can achieve it. By doing this, one feels more secure about the career change he’s planning to make. He is better prepared for any problems or uncertainties that may come his way.

Identify Likes and Dislikes, Wants and Needs. What one liked two years ago may give him displeasure now. What he wanted yesterday may not be what he wants now. In career planning, one must first identify his likes and dislikes. Create a list with two columns, one for each category, then write down everything. Use this list to assess one’s current job; if there are more likes, chances are one may still stick with his current job. But if the dislikes column is longer, one might consider shifting jobs.

Research about the Latest Trends in Jobs. The jobs which are popular today may easily become obsolete in a few years. So do some research. Follow the trends in the present job as well as in the job one wants to apply for. Besides that, research gives one an advantage during job applications. It strengthens one’s position and his unique selling abilities. Well informed people are able to easily adjust to a career change.

Look for New Education and Training. To become better equipped for a future job, one needs to study more, learn new skills, and explore more training activities. Never pass on a chance to learn, consider each opportunity as a blessing. Every experience increases one’s chances of being accepted into their target job.

Examine Hobbies and Past Times. Most people who excel in their jobs do so because they are passionate about it. They think about their work even when they are off the clock. There are even some who have found ways to earn a living from their hobbies. Whatever the case, people who commit their lives to a single career are motivated because they love what they do.

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