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Top Jobs and Career Trends for the Next Ten Years

Knowing the career trends shaping the job market may enable you to more easily choose a college major. If you want to have job security and professional growth, you need to concentrate on the industries that will remain relevant in the next decade. To see if your selected career path has plenty of opportunities for advancement, take a look at this data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics which tells us about the major careers trends trends book

Computer Programmer

Because of the security breaches due to technological terrorism, several companies have heightened their security measures. Since “offshoring” work in computer programming presents numerous security risks, a lot of big companies have returned to utilizing in-house groups of programmers. These groups can be more easily and carefully monitored. Thus, being a computer programmer is one of the top job trends of the future.

Day Care Provider

Until just recently, many day care providers had to struggle with low income, poor job stability, and high level of stress. However, with the increasing demand for quality child care, lots of parents are ready to give higher payments to facilities that have outstanding reputations and great learning programs.

This is one of the career trends that allows you to demand a higher salary if you have a degree in early childhood education.

Elder Care Specialist

With fewer kids to look after them, Baby Boomers mostly turn to care facilities. Every facility depends on healthcare specialists to take care of these residents’ needs. Because of the scrutiny of the consumers and government regarding aged care facilities, employers are looking for applicants who have positive attitudes and exceptional skills.

Employment Specialist

Stuck between the strains of elder care and child care, many Americans have resorted to employment agencies to arrange flexible or short-term employment relationships. This is regarded as one of the quickest-growing job specialties in the near future. For individuals with good interpersonal skills as well as a broad array of interests, being an employment specialist provides the opportunity to link enthusiastic employers with competent workers. Aside from the job satisfaction that this job offers, it typically pays a commission on the salary of placed employees.

Management Consultant

A rising number of firms choose to find outside help with specialized challenges or problems instead of trying to keep specialists on their own company. In effect, reputable management consultants who have an impressive reputation for resolving client concerns can earn high income. Consultants are held in high regard all over the globe, making it one of the top job trends in the future.

Networking Specialist

Similar to a conventional computer programmer whose focus is resolving problems by means of software, networking specialists need to determine how to make the different devices in a company link to each other. With the breakthroughs in technology, a lot of professionals streamline the information flow of a company efficiently through routers and hidden cables. With the continuous emergence of new technology, this is indeed one of the top career trends in the future.

Knowing these career trends will surely help you to wisely select your major in college as well as decide on your career path in the future.

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