Your Career Options in Hospitality Management

Your Career Options in Hospitality Management

There are numerous careers in hospitality management. The hospitality industry is an ever expanding field with a lot of opportunities, especially management positions. With the right education and training, as well as a desire to provide outstanding customer service, many individuals can find professionally and financially rewarding hospitality management careers.hospitality management pen and book

The following are some of the areas where you can find different job opportunities with a degree in hospitality management:


Lodging, like resorts and hotels, is one of the biggest employers in this industry. You may take different roles in the lodging sector such as guest services, general hotel, housekeeping, sales management, and human resource. The type and size of the establishment determines the amount of education and experience required to get a management position. For instance, a huge and popular luxury hotel with more than 300 rooms will hire someone with work experience of a minimum of five years and a Bachelor’s degree. A modest motel with fewer than 60 rooms may require a manger with diploma in high school and a work experience of one to two years. Individuals who have management positions in lodging may earn about $26,000 up to $150,000 annually, with higher wages for general managers.


This is another sector of hospitality where you can find several careers in hospitality management which include general management, operations management, and human resource management. A manager can earn $34,000 to $78,000 per year.

Food and Beverage

Food and beverage is a field of hospitality that offers tons of hospitality management careers. There are several career paths leading to management job positions whether you opt to work in a hotel, restaurant, or catering business. These jobs include lead chefs; kitchen, restaurant, or bar managers; catering supervisors, and directors of food and beverage. Managers can earn approximately $30,000 to $90,000 per year. The best paid managers are those who are food and beverage directors of big casinos and hotels.


This is another sector that offers many careers in hospitality management such as cruise directors and recreation/tour managers. Managers in the travel industry may earn $45,000 to $125,000 annually.


Event planning may involve weddings, theater productions, concerts, company conventions, and fundraisers. Job opportunities may include house managers, venue managers, events managers, production managers, and technical supervisors. You may earn between $45,000 and $98,000 a year in this field.

Your earning potential depends on your ability and determination to succeed. Your salary will increase significantly with experience, level of education, and diligence. A lot of careers in hospitality management offer benefits like paid sick days and vacations, health insurance, and discounted rates on travel and accommodation. Yearly, hospitality management employers all over the globe pay over $1.6 trillion in salaries and offer 12.5 million jobs.

If you are a talented individual with good work ethics, you may be able to advance quickly in your chosen field. In the exciting hospitality industry, your goals and ambitions will not be limited.  Keep in mind that there are plenty of careers in hospitality management that you can find as long as you have the right training and the right attitude.



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