Your Future in the Social Sciences

Your Future in the Social Sciences

Social science is a very, very broad subject. To follow this path, the classes that a student should take are the following:

social sciences open book– Archeology

– Economics

– Gender studies

– Linguistics

– Psychology and counseling

– Social work

– Ministry and religion

Humanities subjects such as anthropology and history are also part of social science.

A student of social sciences has a wide variety of careers to choose from. He can become any of the following:

– Teacher

– Social worker

– Journalist

– Writer

– Editor

– Interpreter

– Psychologist

To some extent, one can also use a social science course as a prelude to becoming a doctor.

Pursuing a Career in the Social Sciences

Since social science is such a broad term, a student needs to find a specific direction to take. For example, if he is interested in becoming a doctor, he can take up psychology as his course when he enters the university. If things don’t work out as expected – which probably means that he doesn’t turn out to be doctor material – he could still pursue a career as a guidance counselor for a university or a school. The student can take up on-the-job training whilst still in university, so that he can gain experience in the field. Exposure to hospital work at a real hospital is also an excellent way to further one’s medical career, if the person prefers to pursue a more clinical line of work.

To pursue a career in social work, there are many courses one can take. Just read the description of the course thoroughly to ensure that the subjects are relevant. Once again, the student should get involved in real social work and learn how to deal with people.

By working part-time for a variety of companies, the student can form connections which he can use after finishing his education. He can continue working with a company he has already worked for, or look for another one. Job openings can be found by searching the Internet, or asking colleagues for contact details of their companies.

The student could also further his studies by taking up a master’s degree. For example, someone who has completed a course in linguistics can put up his own social studies-related business someday, if he is armed with an MBA.

The Future of the Social Sciences

In general, there is a bright future for those who want to pursue a career in the social sciences. For instance, becoming an anthropologist requires analytical reading and thinking, attention to detail, critical thinking, and the discipline to keep accurate records. Obviously, an anthropologist’s skills are not limited to this course; he can also take on other fields that require the same kinds of ability.

A psychologist can also have the same requirements and conditions. He must have these skills in order to thrive in the industry, although being armed with a healthy attitude of patience, perseverance, and determination can also be of help.

The career paths for those taking up a social science can lead to the corporate world, nonprofit organizations, government, or to the academic community. Because of this, it’s definitely a versatile business that will thrive for generations to come.


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