Careers in Wireless Communication

Careers in Wireless Communication

Wireless Communication

Wireless Communication is the vast system of information transfer over short and long distances.  It covers the gamut of portable, mobile, and fixed two way radios, cellular phones, handheld devices, personal digital assistants or PDAs, Global Positioning Units, marine radios, satellite systems, wireless technology, wireless internet (WiFi) and wireless networking. On a consumer level, Wireless Communication also involves the wireless computer mouse, the wireless keyboard, headsets, cordless phones, and satellite televisions.

Since the scope of Wireless Communication is gargantuan, technicians are always in demand for its maintenance and repair.  The complex network of every system requires highly skilled individuals who can work with minimum supervision in a short span of time.  Those seeking to find employment in Wireless Communication maintenance must be very familiar with cellular systems, electronics, digital radio technology and use of diagnostic tools.  Various schools offer courses that would lead to employment in wireless communication.  Certificate courses are known under several nomenclatures but most of them feature the following topics:

• The Basics of Wireless Systems
• Infrared
• Bluetooth Systems
• Wireless Radio
• Radio and Radio Frequency Communications
• Fixed Wireless Systems, LAN or Local Area Networks, and Personal Area Networks
• Digital Cellular Technology
• Wide Area Networks (WAN)

Upon completion of the course, the Wireless Communication graduate should be able to find gainful employment as any of the following:

• Telecommunications Equipment Installers and Repairers
• Radio Equipment Repairers
• Data and Communications Analysts
• Electronic Home Entertainment Equipment Maintenance and Repairers
• Electrical and Electronics Installers and Repairers

Several find work exclusively as field technicians (on-site) or bench (fixed in a particular location) technicians. However, most Wireless Communication graduates find that they are employed as both.

For as long as consumers rely on wireless technology, the Wireless Communication specialist will find gainful employment in this field.

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