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Careers In Law

The economic downturn has affected millions of families. Many people have lost their jobs and have fallen below the middle class level. There may be a scarcity in opportunities for those people who haven’t finished school, but opportunities are plentiful for those who pursue careers in law. Oh yes! Even in the worst times there are still opportunities for those... View Article

What Are Alternative Careers for Lawyers?

Not everyone who finishes law goes into the practice. Some begin their careers but soon discover that it is really not their cup of tea. Others have a change of heart due to different situations in their lives. They decide to go for a career change because of the desire to do something else with their expertise. But for those... View Article

How to Become a Travel Agent

Whether you travel to explore, relax, or just plain have fun, here is an option to think about: why don’t you become a travel agent? Aside from arranging flights and trips for other people, there are many perks that go with the job. You can get the cheapest fares, the best hotel deals, and many other benefits that the ordinary... View Article

Digital Video Editing Careers

Capture the Public’s Eye with a Career in Digital Video Editing Digital video editing is the process by which a person edits or splices segments of moving images, sound recordings, and special effects that are stored in digital form to create a video clip. Previously, video was edited by going through footage manually, and physically splicing or copying video from... View Article

Become a Radio Announcer

When you listen to the radio, do you ever wonder about the voices behind it? They are called radio announcers and their job is to create the style and tone of a radio show. During the show, they also try to establish a good relationship with the listeners. Their main responsibility is to come up with and deliver content. They... View Article

How to Become a Mortgage Broker

Buying a property can be one of the most daunting tasks you ever face. That is why you need the assistance of a mortgage broker who can guide you in finding the best deals for you, whatever your circumstances are. He works as a mediator between a lending institution and a prospective buyer. Whether this is your first time to... View Article

How to Become a Video Game Tester

If you want to become a video game tester, then the first thing you need is passion for video games. However, passion alone isn’t enough for you to get a job in this industry. You need to be aware of the requirements you must meet as well as the challenges you need to overcome in order to be a successful... View Article

What is the Right Career for Me?

It’s the question that most high school students (or graduates) ask themselves. “What is the right career for me?” And sadly without even knowing what to answer, they just plunge into a course that’s popular or a course that their parents want for them. This eventually leads to frustration and, more often than not, forces them to work at something... View Article

The Top Jobs of the Future

If you’re planning your career path, it would be a great help to know what the top jobs of the future will be. These occupations are forecasted by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) to expand even more in the coming decade and offer above average incomes. With a few exceptions, these jobs will be very in-demand due to... View Article

Top Jobs and Career Trends for the Next Ten Years

Knowing the career trends shaping the job market may enable you to more easily choose a college major. If you want to have job security and professional growth, you need to concentrate on the industries that will remain relevant in the next decade. To see if your selected career path has plenty of opportunities for advancement, take a look at... View Article