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Looking for the Right Career

Many students are stumped after high school. Questions such as “What is the right career for me?”, and ”Where do I see myself in ten or twenty years?” fill their brains. And more importantly the question, “Will I enjoy the career that I’ve decided upon?” Before you clog your head with all of these questions, here are several ways that... View Article

A Veterinarian’s Rule to the Animal Kingdom

Pursuing a veterinarian career requires more than the love for animals. Just like any other course, studying to take care of the animals involves patience, determination, and the endurance to survive this type of endeavor. Not to mention the will to succeed. Many veterinarian schools have then implemented strict requirements for entrance. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics... View Article

Getting a Business Law Degree: Basic Things You Need to Know

A business law degree will enable you to work within the legal field inside the corporate community. A course in business law allows you to study the regulations and laws influencing the environment of modern business. It is a multipurpose tool which prepares you for a broad variety of specialties and professions. Degrees in Business Law You can get a... View Article

The Ten Hottest Careers

Once again, health and computer related careers are by far the top two on the list of the ten hottest careers of 2012. This year of the Dragon demands more employees in the health and computer industries, especially assistants and support staff. Business related careers also made it to the top ten, along with industrial and engineering. Here is the... View Article

Becoming a Therapist

When you hear the word therapist, what immediately comes to your mind? For most people, the image is very specific: lying on a bench while talking about your problem to a guy while he nods his head, pretending to understand you. In a way, this cliché description of a therapist is accurate. A therapist is a professional who listens to... View Article

How to Become a Physical Therapist

If you want to become a physical therapist, there’s a lot of education or training you need to complete. In order to practice this profession, you need to earn a graduate degree in physical therapy. After that, you must obtain a state license by passing the licensure exam to become a physical therapist or PT. What Does A Physical Therapist... View Article

Some of the Highest Paying Careers

Everyone would prefer to choose among the highest paying careers rather than those which pay just enough to get by. U.S. President Barack Obama once said “Money is not always the answer, but it makes a difference.”  To start, it does indeed make a big difference in every level of social class. The society’s lower class, whose annual income ranges... View Article

Career Planning and Changing Careers

Career planning is not just a one-time event done after high school or college. Rather, it’s something you periodically do even while working. In fact, many people require career planning at least once every quarter, especially those who often change jobs. One is never too old nor too young to reevaluate their career. Career planning is not a hard thing... View Article

Becoming A Solidworks Designer

If you want to become a Solidworks designer, you need to be aware of the education or training you must undergo. A solidworks designer uses SolidWorks, a software program for 3D modeling, together with design skills and artistry to make blueprints. These blueprints are used during construction of structures and products. This job is usually taken by graduates with an... View Article

Developing Career Skills

How does one succeed in any career? That’s a question that most people are dying to get answered. Is it because of one’s innate skills or career training? Or is it because of time management? Whatever the answer may be, figuring out how to succeed in any chosen career is as important as landing that first job. Career Skills Needed... View Article