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The Path to a Media Career

Students who are interested in pursuing media careers can expect a lot more opportunities in the future. Aside from graphic design and computer animation, they can also go into television and films. Pixar Animation Studios and Dreamworks are just some of the production companies who offer 3D animation, special effect, stop motion animation, and many other media related services. A... View Article

Careers in Television

Most of the careers in television require long, and sometimes irregular, hours of work. This industry calls for a diverse set of skills and experience. People inside the television industry are equally varied; from production assistants, to movie director, and also behind-the-scenes technicians. Television careers are not only limited to entertainment and film but also to media and broadcasting. If... View Article

Broadcast Journalism

What is broadcast journalism? It is the method of news reporting presented to the public electronically such as via television, radio and the internet instead of being published in newspapers. Your news can be conveyed not only in speech, but also through pictures, visual texts, and sounds. This is especially true of the internet, which is the latest means of... View Article

The Trend in Multimedia Computing

The prospect of pursuing a career in multimedia computing is looking brighter and brighter each day, especially with computers and other new technologies taking the whole world by storm. That in itself speaks about the many needs of companies wanting to hire students who are into web design, animation, art direction (which involves television and movies), game design, graphics and... View Article

Visual Journalism

Visual Journalism seems like a niche course. And that is because it is true. It’s a fairly new degree that offers its graduates unique opportunities in the field of print media. Visual Journalism, in a nutshell, transforms the student into expert storytellers. But whereas storytellers tell stories through words, the visual journalist tells stories through both words and pictures. The... View Article

Visual Communications Degree

A visual communications degree is a degree which will equip the student with skills in Web Design, Graphic Design, Interactive Media, and Multimedia. It has been gaining popularity in the last twenty years due to the rapid growth of the internet, web-based advertising, and even web enabled gadgets. Since having an advertising presence in the web is now a condition... View Article

Multimedia Training and Multimedia Development

In the field of communication and media, multimedia training pertains to a learning activity that teaches skills proficiency in several different types of media. ‘Multimedia’ is also a word used to refer to several different types of channel to deliver information. Examples of such channels are audio, still images, graphics, motion picture, text and animation. However, computers and the internet... View Article

Radio Production Degree

Radio production involves more than just audio recording and mixing. It involves creativity, planning and business sense because programming formats and story/segment production are also determined. Radio production is a broad field encompassing both on-air and support work. For a radio program to be successful and profitable it should be backed with network executives to handle the business aspects and... View Article

Interactive Media Design

Interactive media design is the two way involvement and exchange of information such as video games, educational programs, computer tutorials and interactive marketing. This involves using different sources of media to exchange information and user involvement is the basic factor to consider. All forms of media that allows a user to interact with a computer, the creator and other users,... View Article

Animation Degree

Is animation the right career for you? Have you always been interested in attending an animation school? Do you think you can handle the world of advertising, gaming, video creation, and even the website industry? Are you an artist by choice and at heart? Then you probably have the beginnings of a full-fledged animator. The question now is do you... View Article