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Photography Schools

Photography schools address the needs of growing number of career amateurs going into professional photography.  Like every profession, photography involves a set of skills, procedures, terminology and equipment. But unlike some professions, it is one field that has attracted mass number of amateurs in recent years. Photography schools teach basic and advance photography classes.  Entry-level posts in most photography occupations... View Article

Broadcasting Degree

Make it in the media industry with a Broadcasting Degree At one point in life, almost everyone has thought of attending a broadcast school. The idea of a job that will put you in front of the camera, with thousands of viewers listening to your opinions or news pieces during your own segment, must have been With a broadcasting degree,... View Article

Careers in Wireless Communication

Wireless Communication Wireless Communication is the vast system of information transfer over short and long distances.  It covers the gamut of portable, mobile, and fixed two way radios, cellular phones, handheld devices, personal digital assistants or PDAs, Global Positioning Units, marine radios, satellite systems, wireless technology, wireless internet (WiFi) and wireless networking. On a consumer level, Wireless Communication also involves... View Article

Degrees in Media Production

In today’s world there has been an increasing use of digital options making media production become a dynamic and important aspect. Television, films, and radio are being transformed into digital format having the continuous need for media production skilled professionals. Specialized training is required to pursue a career in media production which can be obtained through a bachelor’s degree in... View Article

Business and Corporate Communication

Business communication is slowly becoming a sought after career in the communication industry. This is because successful business dealings nowadays require effective communication among sub-groups and partners. Ensuring effective communication can aid the leaders in the right relational and dealings, because they should know how to adapt to the different cultures in various companies. Those who would want to delve... View Article

Communications Degree

Communications careers such as Media Production, Filmmaking, Broadcasting, Visual Effects, Journalism, and Television Production, require specific training. A communications degree can provide you with that training. The media holds great sway in today’s society and continues to be an ever growing part of everyday life.  In a limitless career field under the mass communication umbrella, one needs to be mindful... View Article