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Online Law Degrees

If there is something called a part-time job, there is also such a thing as part-time education. Yes, it’s true. With the fast advancement of technology, education is at your disposal. All you need to have is determination, perseverance, diligence and of course, the time to focus and passing won’t be a question. How can one have a part-time education?... View Article

LLM Programs – The Masters of Law

Advancement to any legal profession would entail a master’s degree. In the industry of law and justice, one step up the ladder would be to engage enroll in one of the top LLM program, or what they call the Masters of Law. This program entails a more interdisciplinary approach to legal studies, which prepares you for outstanding careers in the... View Article

Law School Programs

When planning to enter law school, there are different things that you should consider. First are the law school programs that you might want to take. Some programs are offered in one university while others are only offered through the internet. And then there is the proximity. Where you live truly matters, since you won’t want to study in a... View Article

Getting a Law Degree Online: Is It Acceptable?

Obtaining a law degree online is possible  through distance learning programs offered by many law schools.. Today, a lot of schools offering online law degrees are ready to help individuals finish a degree despite of their hectic schedules. Factors to Consider Before Getting an Online Law Degree When looking for schools offering law degrees online, you need to remember some... View Article

The Pros and Cons of Online Law Courses

Not too many people realize that in any kind of discipline there has got to be both advantages and disadvantages. A classic example is taking law courses online. Sure, online learning is all about having the freedom and studying at a leisurely pace, but have you ever considered the drawbacks. What are the advantages and disadvantages of enrolling in online... View Article

Earn a Distance Learning Law Degree

It is possible to juggle work, family, and study at the same time. For some, it may seem impossible. If you have a busy schedule, yet you want to pursue your studies in law, don’t let those factors hinder you from fulfilling your dreams of becoming a lawyer, and get a distance law degree. Back in the old days, you’d... View Article

Criminal Justice Degree

The attacks on the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001 prompted many people to take embark on a career in criminal justice. Police officers, homeland securiy, private investigator and even DEA agent are just some of the professions. And if you’re not near a university campus, you can pursue a criminal justice degree online. Criminal Justice Degree Online There are... View Article

What Are Alternative Careers for Lawyers?

Not everyone who finishes law goes into the practice. Some begin their careers but soon discover that it is really not their cup of tea. Others have a change of heart due to different situations in their lives. They decide to go for a career change because of the desire to do something else with their expertise. But for those... View Article

Accredited Law Schools

Thinking of getting into law school? Are you interested with the nitty-gritty rounds of clinical law studies and dealing with clients who can be temperamental? Well before you embark on a law degree first you need to look for accredited law schools in your area so as to ensure quality education. A degree will make your life so much easier... View Article

The Most In-Demand Law School Programs

Law school programs may open up a wide array of opportunities for you. If you’re equipped with a law degree, particularly one from a highly regarded university, many companies will hire you for your advanced abilities and skills. Also, pursuing a degree in law will not restrict your career options. While you may opt to practice as a lawyer, you... View Article