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Baking and Pastry School

With so many cooking and baking shows on television right now (and many even to the point of competitions), there is no doubt that this has got to be one of the most in-demand professions. What’s more children as young as three years old are now aspiring to be the next baking or pastry chef or ogling for a career... View Article

Cookery Courses

Not too many people realize that there is an art in processing and cooking food. When reheating leftovers by applying heat, the process is known as cookery, which also involves using other preliminary methods for specific recipes and procedures. This is not only limiting to cooking but to baking, wine tasting, and pastry making as well. People who study how... View Article

Pastry Chef Courses

Taking pastry chef courses will enable you to become a successful professional in the pastry chef industry. A pastry chef is an expert in creating sugar sculptures, stylish wedding cakes, and putting that sprinkle of chocolate to a picture-perfect torte. This professional should have impeccably good taste combined with a sense of visual appeal. He should possess the creativity and... View Article

Baking Schools – For the Love of Cakes

If you love being around sugar, butter, chocolate and flour – if you love to see warm fuzzy smiles on your friend’s or family’s faces when they make a huge bite from the cookie that you just made – and if you want to have a professional critique your brownies other than your kids cute comments – then probably you... View Article

Best Culinary Schools – Masters in the Kitchen

Cooking dinner for the people you love may get unnoticed most of the time. Why does mom do it? Or how does my wife endure hours in the kitchen? One meal course takes hours to prepare and only minutes to consume. Why do they do it? Not just for the love of family, but for the love of the art... View Article

Chef Careers

So you think you have what it takes to become a chef? Careers in the kitchen would often give you the long hours standing, working on weekends, and spending all day with food and all types of dishes but the upside is the satisfaction you get from seeing your clients delighted with your cooking. But aside from cooking as a... View Article

Culinary Art Colleges – Living in the Kitchen

Culinary means cooking. When you’re in a restaurant, do you know what you are eating? Do you have any idea what it took to make that splendid dish? If you have the passion for everything that has to do with food, and if you have the talent and an ability to actually live in the kitchen – why not join... View Article

Choosing The Best Cooking Colleges

There are several cooking colleges offering various types of culinary programs. You should be meticulous in choosing a school if you want to ensure your professional stability in the culinary industry. Where to Find Good Cooking Colleges Location is an essential consideration when choosing a good school for cooking training. A lot of cooking colleges can be found within or... View Article

Culinary Arts Colleges – The Secrets of the Cookie Jar

Why do we sneak to the kitchen in the middle of the night just to get a piece of the cookie? Have you ever felt that magical feeling when you reach inside the cookie jar knowing there’s happiness inside? Why can’t we wait until morning to grab that cookie? The secret found inside the cookie jar is sure is not... View Article

A Culinary Arts Degree

It is often said that a degree in culinary arts always begins at home. Precisely true since children nowadays grow up in the kitchen – they watch their parents whip up something to their delight and concoct different dishes of sorts. What’s even more astounding is that aside from watching, tasting the meals are even better. No wonder more and... View Article