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Distance Education in Engineering

There are many reputable colleges that provide online distance education in engineering. One example is the College of Engineering at the Iowa State University which is recognized as one of the nation’s leading providers of online graduate education according to the US News and World Report. In this collegem you can choose from programs in aerospace engineering, chemical and biological... View Article

Architectural Drafting and Design

Lots of people are confused about what architects do. Do they design houses, buildings, and monuments? Do they manage construction? Do they fund projects? Or are they just cooped up in their rooms designing day and night? Interestingly, architectural drafting and design is more than these things. Sure you get to design structures but according to one blog, architecture is... View Article

Surveying Schools and Careers

Surveying schools offer a unique career experience working both outdoors and indoors.  Surveying work offers a wide range of specializations, either as a land surveyor, a surveying technician or a cartographer. A land surveyor is responsible in the preparation of maps of the earth’s surface, while a surveying technician assists land surveyors by operating the various instruments, preparing sketches and... View Article

Environmental Engineering Degrees

Professionals with environmental engineering degrees occupy a variety of positions in the public health and environment offices. Environmental engineers are those professionals qualified to work on a variety of projects toward solutions for environmental issues such as effective waste disposal, managing water and air pollution, and prompt response to public health concerns. Environmental engineering degree holders use their plethora of... View Article

AutoCAD Training Online

AutoCAD designing has become a hit professional career, but in order to be a professional, one has to undergo AutoCAD training to get the basics. AutoCAD is one of the pioneer software for Computer Aided Design, with the original version made by Autodesk back in 1982. The aim of AutoCAD design is to enable professional engineers to draw up plans... View Article

Industrial Engineering Management

Are you looking for a job in the industrial engineering management sector? If you consider yourself to be a dedicated and detail-oriented person who can manage schedules, production, and most especially people, then you may just fit the job description of industrial managers. Unknown to many people is that the industrial engineering management sector covers a wide range of duties... View Article

Manufacturing Engineering Degree

Earning a manufacturing engineering degree has its benefits, especially for those who are looking to be manufacturing engineers in the future. Before one can gain actual work experience and knowledge in the production and engineering departments of this technical job, aspiring manufacturing engineers would have better chances of being hired if they have ample background in manufacturing engineering. One good... View Article

What Does It Take To Be An Architect?

Architecture schools have observed and followed a major change in architecture through the years. Teaching architecture to new students requires adaptability, because the fast-changing technology and the need to build sturdier and discover breakthrough designs shows just how much architecture can progress in a span of a few years. Looking back, architecture has seen new designs. Back in the day,... View Article

Software Engineering Training

Students wanting to enhance their employment opportunities can enroll in online software engineering training classes. These classes provide students with opportunities to do apprenticeship work, making them more attractive to employers.   College graduates with sufficient apprenticeship hours may be hired by computer and consulting firms that train in intensive, company-based programs. To break into this lucrative career, one must have... View Article

Biomedical Engineering

A Career in Biomedical Engineering Science has advanced in so many ways, and this is a piece of good news for those who want to try a career in biomedical engineering. At first glance, most people think that it may not be easy to handle or might be too structured for their tastes. However, biomedical engineering has various fields and... View Article