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Traveling Nurse

Travel nurse jobs are quite challenging and require a great amount of responsibility. This is not a special type of nursing job but rather a task or a position held by practicing nurses. The shortage of nurses in some parts of the world has created this position. Licensed nurses can choose among specified locations and commit to serve in these... View Article

Choosing A Healthcare Degree

There are many reasons why people want healthcare degrees. Some simply want to help their fellow man. Others do so because they are fascinated by the human body. There are also those who say that there is financial security and stability in this field. Being a healthcare professional ensures that one can immediately find employment since it is one of... View Article

Best Medical Careers

There are good reasons why medical students study for the best medical careers for years and years. One is that they have to memorize a lot of information. Consider that a med student has to memorize every part of the human body. That’s a lot to learn in one subject alone, not to mention all the other subjects in medicine.... View Article

A Career in Physical Therapy

Physical therapists are known to work closely with injured or impaired patients, especially those whose bodies have been heavily damaged by disease. Their role is to bring back the strength of this individual and nourish them. In worst case scenarios, a therapist must at least ease the patient’s pain and teach him to cope with permanent physical disabilities. A physical... View Article

What to Expect in a Career as a Legal Nurse Consultant

A legal nurse consultant serves as a connection between legal and health care personnel. It is they who provide medical consulting services to attorneys or businesses regarding legal cases with a medical component. They are the ones who assist lawyers and businesses with conducting many different research and presentation duties, including locating and preparing witnesses, researching the validity of psychological... View Article

Ultrasound Technician Training

Ultrasound technicians are also called diagnostic medical sonographers, or ultrasonographers. They use ultrasound to diagnose the human body. When we hear “ultrasound,” pregnancy often comes to mind, because pregnant women would often get an ultrasound check-up. But what is ultrasound? Ultrasound is defined as a cyclic sound with frequency greater than the upper limit of the human ear. It is,... View Article

Preparing for a Phlebotomy Certification Course

If you’re looking for a relatively simple job in the medical field, you might consider a phlebotomy certification course. A phlebotomist is a medical professional who is responsible for the collection of blood samples that are used in medical screenings or testing.  Usually, a phlebotomist has no extra responsibilities aside from venipuncture or drawing of blood. A phlebotomist’s limited scope... View Article

Is Medical Billing Training For Me?

To begin working in the field of medical billing, you should receive proper medical billing training from a reputable college. In most cases, the training you receive is adequate to land a medical billing job. What is Medical Billing? Medical billing is the process wherein hospitals and doctors receive payment from different health insurance agencies. Also, it involves resolving disputes... View Article

Is Holistic Nutrition your Calling?

Holistic nutrition entails nourishing one’s body, spirit and mind. Its philosophy deems that a person’s health has a direct relationship to other people’s health. A degree in this field enables students to learn using herbs, natural foods, and many other supplements in order to assist other individuals to achieve optimal well-being and health. What is a Holistic Nutritionist? A holistic... View Article

Earning a Degree in Addiction Counseling

Earning a degree in addiction counseling is needed in order to effectively treat problems with substance abuse. An addiction counselor offers educational, counseling, and supportive services to people who are struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. This counseling professional works in various contexts and helps addicts to gain and maintain sobriety. Where to Get a Degree in Addiction Counseling Training... View Article