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Career Changes

Career changes generally happen once or twice in our lives. We arrive at a point where we feel like shifting to another career that would be more interesting and dynamic. When we start a new job, everything looks promising and we eagerly look forward to doing our work each day. But as we stay longer with our job, we notice... View Article

Time Management for College Students

In college, time management is as crucial as studying for the exams. It helps you avoid a chaotic and hectic schedule; one with no direction, no goals, and no priorities. College is a time when everything becomes so different. One gains independence from parents, is invited to social activities, and has an overwhelming amount of freedom. One of the many... View Article

Time Management On the Job

Work can be grueling, especially for those who don’t do time management on the job. Shifting schedules and multiple agendas can overwhelm a person and cause him to lose perspective. Procrastination and wasted time are just some of the impediments to a productive day at work. So to avoid all these time wasters, a worker must approach each day with... View Article

Tests Needed for Graduate School – GMAT

What are the tests needed for advanced degree preparation? The most popular is the GMAT or the Graduate Management Admission Test for those who want to take up an additional management degree. This test has three sections: the Verbal Section, the Quantitative Section and the Analytical Writing Assessment, which tests one’s mathematical, verbal, and analytical writing skills. The MCAT or... View Article

Giving Your Resume a Boost

One of the first communications between an employer and an applicant is the resume. Writing a strong one increases your chance of landing that dream job. Unfortunately, there are some applicants who aren’t even given an interview. Why? Some experts accredit it to a weak and dull resume. To avoid being part of that statistic, an applicant must make sure... View Article

How to Negotiate More Pay

Job negotiation can be a tricky task which takes both skill and timing. It hinges on the ability to sell oneself, especially in job interviews. For those who have a hard time negotiating for larger salaries, here are a few tips on how to work one’s way around the potential employer. Know how to Negotiate. Negotiating is subtle. One does not... View Article

Organizational Tools for Leaders

Many top managers in high-paying companies have either an MBA degree from a prestigious university or different degrees in education. Sadly, there are those in managerial positions who lack the skills to make it big in the industry. In order for them to move forward, they must undergo management training. Training keeps one competitive in these ever-changing times. Although there... View Article

Dealing With Stress

Stress is an inevitable part of life. You get it in school, at homes, in relationships and sometimes even when you’re out on vacation. It’s even worse when you’re worrying about bills to be paid or when exams are coming up. There is no way of escaping stress. But here’s the good news: anyone who is willing to take control... View Article