Chef Careers

Chef Careers

So you think you have what it takes to become a chef? Careers in the kitchen would often give you the long hours standing, working on weekends, and spending all day with food and all types of dishes but the upside is the satisfaction you get from seeing your clients delighted with your cooking.chef career hat

But aside from cooking as a chef what can you do? What are your career options?

The Career Options of a Chef

Throughout 2012 there have been lots of openings for chefs, food preparation workers and cooks; and since many are already learning how to be one, they should be lots of competitions in the area.

Most chefs nowadays have already begun venturing into business – on what type depending on their specialties. If they are used to cooking fine dining, then they open a fine ding restaurant. If they are more knowledgeable on baking and pastries then they open their own bakeshop. They can also open their own meat shop; ala cart restaurants, canteens and others. If they have not much capital to open a business, then they can just work in places where business is thriving such as huge companies (call centers, production outfits, international companies and others). But of course income varies for each as well as with the cost of investments and others.

Chefs can also find work in cruise liners especially those traversing in Asia, Europe and the Americas. They can serve locals and foreigners and those just trying to relax and have fun. Catering is also a most popular work for chefs nowadays. They don’t even have to put up their own physical restaurant – they can just set up their own virtual office. Of course they need additional suppliers with their tablecloths, trays and others needed for the catering business.

Chefs can also work in canteens at the universities and colleges. They can also work at hotels, and other high-end structures.

Later chefs can also work as food writers and food journalists. They can write about the food they taste, review them and blog about it. Aside from writing and blogging, culinary careers of chefs include teaching – now they can teach culinary students what they have learned in university.

Other Chef Career

There are still many opportunities for a chef. Careers include authoring a cookbook and writing valuable tips and recipes that they have learned over the years. They can also work as a consultant and working alongside those who design the restaurant and develop the menu; chefs can also work as food stylists and photographers for books and magazines – designing the shapes and the arts to suit the style of the published works.

Chefs can also find work as a personal chef to some exclusive and rich families in the area. They can also make up their own instructional videos – by producing and selling these videos for continuing education. They can also dive into research and development for developing new product lines and food.

Whatever choice a chef makes, he has already sealed his future for there are lots of opportunities for a chef career.

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