Time Management for College Students

Time Management for College Students

In college, time management is as crucial as studying for the exams. It helps you avoid a chaotic and hectic schedule; one with no direction, no goals, and no priorities. College is a time when everything becomes so different. One gains independence from parents, is invited to social activities, and has an overwhelming amount of freedom.college student clock

One of the many problems that college students face is procrastination. When they are assigned a task, they wait a couple of days later to even start it. They tell themselves that they’ll do it tomorrow and tomorrow until the deadline has already passed. By that time, it’s already too late. That’s why time management should come first.

Just remember that the key to effective time management is being accountable to oneself. A college student needs to put his wants and desires aside. Setting priority to school work but still finding time for leisure is the best way for a student to live. The concept is simple but it is really hard to do, especially with so many distractions.

With both school and social activities to consider, how do college students deal with time management? How can finish all their studies and also find the time to relax and have fun?

Here are just a few tips and tricks that college students can do to squeeze everything into their schedules.

Mapping Out A Schedule

College life is sometimes be filled with fun and sometimes it’s a drag. Days can switch from all partying and to all studying. That’s why it’s important to have a proper calendar witch lists all the activities that the college student needs to remember such as breaks, schedules, and class times. In short it’s all about setting priorities. Organize the schedule by listing the activities into an organizational plan. Also arrange activities in order of urgency and importance. Urgency means that the due date is near and the task should be completed as soon as possible.

Just like in sports, one should have a goal. Setting it will move one towards the things that need to be done now and those that can wait until later.

For instance, if one is faced with a difficult task do that one first. Making a schedule can take a lot of time but once the college student is done with it his day-to-day life becomes a breeze. If a task is too hard to handle then that’s the time one needs to work on the easy stuff. This will convince the student that it can be done!

Don’t Be Afraid to Set Limit

College students need to face the fact that they can’t do everything. Taking on too many things will just strain their brain, so make sure not to over-commit. Don’t just say yes to every extra curricular activity, study group, and party invitation. This leads to pressure, stress, and then eventually to burnout. At that point, the student will start see a negative effect not only in their studies but in their behavior and attitude patterns as well.

College time management needs to be taken seriously. Learn to prioritize and put everything important in its proper place.


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