Communications Degrees

Communication Degrees

Know what to do with your communication degree

Media and communication arts have been a booming industry especially with the advancement of technology and online industries, which is why a communication degree is now one of the most sought after titles that students would want after graduation.

Communication studies nowadays have developed several specializations, which are complementary with each other, hence its proliferation in media, digital, and advertising. To know if you are suited for a communication degree and if there is a career in this field that is right for you, the first thing you have to do is to know what communication arts is.

As an academic field and a degree, communication arts deals with the way people communicate with each other using all forms of medium, media, and techniques. This is the reason why field such as advertising, aleishajones public relations, journalism, and even the arts like film and literacy may fall under the broad scope that a communications major may tackle.

When you opt for a degree in communication arts, you can go for two options—specialize in a particular field or get a little of everything so you can get the basic knowledge and skills for several fields. Most communication specialists would take a course on some topics, but would tend to specialize on the field that they are most interested in or have the most passion and talent for.

For instance, a communications major may dabble in the field of film, media studies, and journalism, but at the end of the day, her communication degree would be more specialized or focused on advertising. This is possible, but you would have to be able to easily grasp different techniques, skills, and schools of thought. Even if communication arts has related fields under its range, they still have different practices that require a different thinking hat to function.

A good example would be the difference between public relations and journalism. With public relations, a communications specialist would have to know how to deal with building the brand and ensuring the company’s reputation at all times. Whereas with journalism, a communications major would be trained to find the smallest details that may be important in proving any negative or positive story about a specific person, place, event, or company. While they may fall under one communication degree, you have to know how to think like a journalist and a public relations consultant when the situation calls for it.

As for the job prospects, a communications major faces a positive outlook, because there is almost always a job that is fit for one who is holding a communication degree. Advertising, public relations, journalism, broadcasting, film, media studies, and even in the corporate industry as brand managers, marketing managers, and brand consultants are just some of the careers that a communications major can dabble in.

With the boom of technology, online jobs and careers have also become a possibility for those with a communication degree, which is why communication arts as a field is looking at a bright future.sexeamateur