Computer Forensics Programs

Computer Forensics Programs

computer forensics programWhat is forensics’ role in the study of computers as related to law enforcement? Forensics is defined as the application of scientific processes within the bounds of legal procedures. Forensic combined with the in-depth study of computers has become necessary because of the rapidly increasing computer crimes that have caused billion dollar losses in business and threats to human lives. Computer forensics, also called digital forensics, deals with legal evidence found in computers and digital storage media. Computer forensics is a growing career even though it is relatively new field. Computer forensics uses specialized techniques for recovery, authentication, and analysis of electronic data.

Program includes case studies, crime scene investigation techniques, collection of evidence, forensic analysis, intrusion detection, data recovery, hard drive imaging, and encryption techniques. It also covers lessons in court testifying, report writing, and interview techniques. Computer programming and networking, as well as LINUX and OS programming are now also incorporated into the curriculum. All these skills will be helpful should there be a need to secure a network from cyber attacks and recover missing information when needed.

Computer forensics jobs entail technical and analytical skills, knowledge and skills in broad range of computer storage devices, operating systems, programming languages and software applications. Careers of a computer forensics graduate are available in both public and private sectors – fello mobil. Some of agencies that employ services of these professionals include government regulatory agencies, intelligence agencies, law enforcement agencies, military, large accounting firms, e-discovery firms, private investigative firms, and by corporations with internal security departments.

Computer forensic jobs are forecasted to grow by 22% by 2018 since computer criminal activity is growing fast and businesses are willing to invest on professionals who will keep these sensitive data secure. What is forensics compared to information worth billions of dollars? Invaluable.

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