The Criminal Justice Degree

Criminal Justice Degree

The attacks on the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001 prompted many people to take embark on a career in criminal justice. Police officers, homeland securiy, private investigator and even DEA agent are just some of the professions. And if you’re not near a university campus, you can pursue a criminal justice degree online.right criminal justice degree handcuff

Criminal Justice Degree Online

There are many degrees that you can get online. Depending on the programs of each school and what’s best for your needs, these online courses can mold you into the best criminal justice that you can be. The schools that offer online criminal justice degree include the University of Phoenix, Everest University, and Keiser University. These campuses have distance learning programs with degrees in homeland security, paralegal studies, legal studies, and public safety administration. There are also post studies with courses in legal studies, child studies, human services – alcohol & drug counseling, human services – program administration and public administration.

Other schools that offer the criminal justice online degree include the Abilene Christian University, Adler School of Professional Psychology, Anthem College, Boston University, Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Eastern Kentucky University, Florida Tech University Online, Kaplan University and other schools and colleges across the United States.

Looking for the Right School

With this many schools available in the market today and almost similar courses in each, it is imperative that you find the best university for you. But how do you choose among so many schools that are right up your alley?

The first step is to check that the school you decide to go to is accredited by the board in your state of residence. Also make sure that this school is affiliated with an actual physical university or college. After completing this, try to talk with students who are enrolled in the course, and their teachers. Get their feedback on the online criminal justice degree. Check on forums and ask the members if their experience is good. It would be useless for you to enroll in a school, even with its good reputation, if the students themselves have bad things to say.

You can also talk with a career counselor to discuss your options in that course. You should also discuss specializations and future career choices while you’re at it.

Finally, before you enroll you have got to make sure that this school will provide you with the best quality education. Check that the program has these included in their curriculum: ethics, administration, criminal justice system or crime scene investigation, psychology, and political science.

Application in the Outside World

Armed with these degrees, you may now apply them in the real world. Becoming a police officer or a crime scene investigator are just a few examples of your potential jobs, depending on the course that you decided to take. This criminal justice online degree can indeed help you in your quest for a better future.

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