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Criminal Justice and Careers

Criminal Justice DegreeCriminal justice careers can encompass many things.  Pursuing an online law and criminal justice degree can be a start for promising career.   A wide variety of career opportunities from police officer positions to forensic scientist posts, both the law enforcement and criminal justice industries offer satisfying and well-paying jobs at Quick loans emergency loans.

Careers in criminal justice would typically look for individuals with educational backgrounds and professional experiences in either criminology, law, political science, psychology, social work, engineering, or a variety of other related science disciplines.   Most colleges and universities offer in-campus programs but an incoming student can now opt for an online criminal justice school to get an associates, a bachelors, a masters and even a doctorate degree.  General coursework will include foundation studies of criminal psychology, sociology, law enforcement, human services , and the judicial process.  Additional units may be required, depending upon the specialization and concentration selected upon.  The more advanced a degree, the more premium offers and higher salaries one will have.  Criminal justice careers include criminal lawyer, forensic scientist, paralegal, prison officer, probation or correction officer, investigator and special agent posts at the local, state, provincial or national level.

Jobs in criminal justice are expected to grow significantly in the coming years.   In the United States alone, an expected increase of 11% between 2006 and 2016 was set for police and detectives positions.  Demands for detectives and criminal investigators should rise by 17%, while a projection of 18% increase was forecasted for private detectives and investigators for the same period.  With these projections, global education systems, both in-campus and online, should see an influx of enrollees wanting to start on their criminal justice careers.

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