Culinary Arts Colleges - The Secrets of the Cookie Jar

Culinary Arts Colleges – The Secrets of the Cookie Jar

Why do we sneak to the kitchen in the middle of the night just to get a piece of the cookie? Have you ever felt that magical feeling when you reach inside the cookie jar knowing there’s happiness inside? Why can’t we wait until morning to grab that cookie? The secret found inside the cookie jar is sure is not magic. It is a product of a person’s love for making delightful pastries. Sure, it may just be mom who made that, but the main reason for that wonderful cookie could be a deep passion for making them and molding them to be perfect with each bite. This is the same passion that one learns by studying in one of the many culinary arts colleges in the country.culinary arts colleges rolling pin

Have you ever been inspired by that feeling, which may have probably led you to read this article? Probably culinary college could be perfect for you. A culinary arts program focuses on the study of preparing and cooking foods. So when we speak of culinary art, it has everything to do with what transpires in the kitchen – how a dish is made, and what the secret of making you crave more for it is.

There are two main programs found in culinary arts colleges: first one is the Culinary Arts Program which can be taken, either in two years with an associate degree, or in four years with a bachelor’s degree. There are also courses offered for a period of six to seven months but this is just for those who already have a degree or do not wish to have one but to further continue their studies in the food industry. The second program would be the Culinary Arts Management Program which can also be taken up in two or four years’ time.

Still skeptical?

If you are still adamant because of many schools offering the same courses, all you need to look for is if the school’s programs are accredited by the Accreditation by American Culinary Federation Education Foundation Accrediting Commission (ACFEFAC), then that will be alright.

If you want a little adventure, travel to New York, where you can find four of the top rated culinary arts school in the United States. But it doesn’t really have to be in a five star culinary school, for as long as you get to have abundant time in hands-on training and your instructors are well-decorated enough to teach, then that will be okay. After all, there is only so much a teacher can develop in her student, without determination and perseverance, all knowledge is lost.

Find out the secret inside the cookie jar. Know how to make magic whether in making pastries, dishes, salads, and the like. Turn that god-given talent of yours into a stepping stone towards gastronomic genius by studying from the great culinary arts colleges. Who knows? You might be the next Wolfgang Puck of this generation.

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