Culinary Arts Degree

A Culinary Arts Degree

It is often said that a degree in culinary arts always begins at home. Precisely true since children nowadays grow up in the kitchen – they watch their parents whip up something to their delight and concoct different dishes of sorts. What’s even more astounding is that aside from watching, tasting the meals are even better. No wonder more and more children want to become chefs and cooks someday, and they dream of being the next America’s Iron Chef or the next Gordon Ramsay (of course without the violence).culinary arts degree dough

And because of this need, many managers, hotel and restaurant owners have begun looking for people who would like to work for them. In fact in a 2008 survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (LBS), reports have surfaced that there are over 338,700 jobs for food service managers.

So if you happen to have the same dreams as these kids and want to be the next one cooking up something lively on television, what do you think you should know? What is a culinary arts degree and what can you do with a degree in culinary arts?

A Culinary Arts Degree

Obviously a culinary arts degree is often associated with someone working in the kitchen – a chef and a cook, a food service manager and others. This course is taken by students who want to improve and hone their crafts in cooking and to earn the skills needed to be called chefs – which include knife skills, mixing ingredients and others.

In these courses the student not only cooks the food but also manages a kitchen to keep it from running without a glitch. Yes, much like Gordon Ramsay does. In a way he conducts business with a client in different kinds of environment – among them, restaurants institutions like hospitals and schools, a catering business, and business cafeterias. He sets up the dining table, cleans up the area and makes sanitation the main key in producing clean food.

As a student you also spend loads of time chopping up the onions, beating the eggs and kneading the dough. All of these you’ll do under the tutelage of different experts n the field who’ll assist you and give you the tricks of the trade – the techniques and methods you can do to make it big in your culinary arts degree.

The Proposed Careers

There are many things you can do with a degree in culinary arts aside from cooking and chopping and kneading the dough. You can do a food research by doing what’s best for the client through incorporating lesser fat content into the ingredients, increasing the fiber content of the meal and a whole lot of other ways to improve the food.

You can also work as a dietician or a nutritionist where you plan the meal of patients and the doctors to meet the specific needs of the clients. You can also work in a newspaper or a magazine where you can style the food and how to make it look appealing.

Whatever career you decide to go into, a degree in culinary arts always works best – simply because this is all about food!


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