How To Choose The Best Culinary Arts Program

How To Choose The Best Culinary Arts Program

A culinary arts program provides individuals with a good foundation in culinary techniques and to choose the best culinary arts kitchen tool

Basically, the study of culinary art teaches you about food preparation, cooking, and presentation of food. In earning your degree, you will gain mastery in various techniques of cooking as well as how to operate a food business.

What to Study in Culinary Arts

Aside from cooking and food preparation, culinary arts programs generally include courses in menu and recipe planning, aesthetic aspects of presenting food, and mastery of culinary techniques. You will also learn a broad array of dishes, management of kitchen resources and food supplies, as well as training and supervising kitchen assistants.

There are programs that may offer internship programs for students to obtain practical experience in an actual restaurant. Through such hands-on and interactive training, you will get first-hand experience of the execution of basic and advanced methods in food preparation, handling, sanitation, and other facets of professional cooking.

If you are interested in taking a culinary arts program, you may choose to enrol in a vocational school, culinary school, community college, or even universities. Reputable culinary schools have partnerships with the finest restaurants, cruise companies, and hotels to help their students establish their careers in the industry.

Programs in Culinary Arts

The different culinary arts programs will give you options on how you want to pursue your chosen career. You may get a culinary certificate after attending school for a minimum of one month to a maximum of 2 years.  Culinary certificates are ideal for individuals who want on-the-job experience and basic training.

Associate’s degrees may take nine months up to two years to complete. The higher education level promises a more comprehensive culinary training compared to a certificate program. Typically, community colleges and culinary institutes offer this type of program. A diploma in high school or general education is required for you to be eligible for this program. It is ideal for individuals are committed to the culinary arts but need to start working as soon as possible.

Bachelor’s degree programs, which generally take four years to complete, are ideal for a person whose goal is to be a manager, a food writer, or a restaurant owner. You are required to submit a copy of your high school diploma or general education.

Most people who earn a bachelor’s degree then move on to a master’s degree program. This takes another two years to complete, after finishing your bachelor’s degree from a qualified university. This culinary arts program qualifies you for the highest positions in the industry such as culinary instructors, academicians, managers, restaurant owners, dieticians or nutritionists. The most in-demand is the master’s degree in hospitality management.

If you take additional advanced courses in cost control, menu planning, and international cuisines, you will develop the fundamental skills to be successful restaurateurs or executive chefs in the future.

Nowadays, culinary art is a popular field with varied and numerous job opportunities. An individual looking for a career in this industry can expect to find a position suited to his experience and skill. One may opt to specialize in particular foods, or concentrate more on food development, or even operations. Always keep in mind that you must always choose a culinary arts program that suits your interests and career goals.



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