What is Culinary Management

What is Culinary Management?

Find out what it takes to run a business in the food industry by asking yourself this question: what is culinary management? Learn how to calculate the production of orders, to estimating the supply for the week and maintain good relations between the customers and your staff. If you are good in juggling up a lot of things altogether at the same time and if you have what it takes to be a leader plus your love for food – put into your thoughts a management degree in culinary arts. There’s a distinct difference between mastering the art of cooking and baking as to managing and running a business.culinary management tart

There are two branches in the culinary arts industry. First if the Culinary Arts Program and second is the Culinary Management Program. There is a clear distinction between the two of them. Simplifying it would mean Culinary Arts focuses more on the cooking aspect and Culinary Management foresees restaurant management. Everything that happens inside the kitchen is the work of the chef, sous chef, bakers, and cooks while on the other hand, the front liners of a restaurant would be the culinary manager – in charge of handling customers, staff management and HR concerns.

Advantages of being a culinary manager

Knowing how to deal with people would probably be one of the talents you must possess before taking on this program. In taking up this degree, which is the business side of the industry, you must also have a strong background on economics, finance and marketing to understand the culinary market and what culinary management is. Sometimes, you may need to get dirty like everyone else in the kitchen if absolutely needed, but the perks of being a manager are higher than anyone could ever expect.

Once you graduate from this specific program, your opportunities in employment will be higher. More people now are becoming aware of the intricacies of the business because of television shows like Top Chef and Master Chefs, more reason why you should hone your skills and have a practical experience in dealing with stressful situations in the everyday opening until closing of the restaurant or pastry shop that you work in.

Salaries and wages of a culinary manager can be as much as $38,239 – $56,053 annually. With such a great responsibility, compensation should not be a question for employers. Without a manager in a restaurant, or a pastry shop, everything can go hay-wire. That place needs a person to keep it all together and that is the main job description of a culinary management major.

Now, again, ask yourself the question: what is culinary management? If you think you have what it takes to be in control of the business side of the industry, step-up and earn a degree in culinary management. All you have with you right now is raw material, without proper training and education – this may just all go to waste.


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