Curriculum and Technology

Curriculum and Technology

The Future of Curriculum and Technology

curriculum and technologyCurriculum and technology will inevitably integrate as the 21st century continues on. The technology and knowledge boom that started when the Internet first became a public resource adds to this factor and as well   as the accessibility that  gadgets offer us to use this resource. We already have smartphones and billboards are making way to public video advertisements on popular streets. So what does that mean for the more traditional standard of curriculum and instruction?

Some may suggest that curriculum and technology shouldn’t mix, as there are already tried and tested ways to use methods in the classroom. Some prefer to use technological media to enhance these methods further. There is a split in opinion because of the fact that some policies integrate curriculum and technology without preamble or determination of its purpose.

There are some that argue that teachers have no basic skills on how to use these resources and it takes away the participation factor in traditional learning. But with every conflict there is a compromise. It is fruitless to settle for the old methods as human achievements progress, but people who use curriculum and technology shouldn’t forget the methods that worked before. There should be focus, first and foremost, on the students and their learning before using any and other resources or new media. Learning should be realistic and varied, not standardized because of easier methods.

Human progresses, as mentioned, will only continue to rise up higher. Soon these skills will become the norm and as such, job opportunities will be boundless. Right now, online education programs are being offered by colleges and universities across the country and would be using these methods to present lessons and keep track of progress. Knowledge of charts and statistics can also be used in other industries such as scientific research, banking, and government services. There is much reward to be gathered in curriculum and technology and these techniques will be most useful in the years to come.

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