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Digital Video Editing Careers

Capture the Public’s Eye with a Career in Digital Video Editing

film video editingDigital video editing is the process by which a person edits or splices segments of moving images, sound recordings, and special effects that are stored in digital form to create a video clip. Previously, video was edited by going through footage manually, and physically splicing or copying video from one tape to another. Visual and aural effects were then layered into the images to create the finished product. With advancements in technology, it is now possible to use a computer to layer these components. This has made it easier for people to pursue a career in video editing.

When trying to break into digital video editing, you must first research on what requirements you must have to become a video editor. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics says that you must hold a degree in Art in Film and Video Production, Digital Media, or a related course. Take computer classes if you are not that adept in using a computer. While looking for a school to take your Bachelor’s Degree in Film and Video Production, you may check instead if they offer courses that help you gain mastery in video editing software. Once you obtain your degree, seek internship or work as an assistant film editor. By getting an internship, you develop and practice the skills you have learned, bulks up your resume, and you earn recommendations that will aid you in getting a job faster.

Some careers in digital video editing are in advertising, journalism, and in show business. If you decide to become a freelancer, you may find yourself covering and making video covering events for private citizens that they will cherish forever. With the popularity of YouTube and personal media devices, the job outlook for a career in digital video editing will not dip anytime soon.

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