Distance Education in Engineering

Distance Education in Engineering

There are many reputable colleges that provide online distance education in engineering. One example is the College of Engineering at the Iowa State University which is recognized as one of the nation’s leading providers of online graduate education according to the US News and World Report. In this collegem you can choose from programs in aerospace engineering, chemical and biological engineering, civil, construction and environmental engineering, computer and electrical engineering, and a whole lot of others.

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Another example is North Carolina State University which has emerged as a global and national leader for engineering innovation and education and also accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges. This prestigious school now has many of the same online distance education in engineering programs.

Other Universities with Distance Education in Engineering

There are also five universities and colleges which offer you online distance education in engineering. First is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology which has these courses: Management in Engineering Course, Introduction to Bioengineering, and Introduction to Civil Engineering Design. The school offers dozens of online courses on other subjects as well.

The Delft University of Technology, one of the largest engineering schools in Netherlands, offers a handful of courses which you can take online. There are new courses such as Water Management Course, Offshore Engineering Course and Microelectronics Course. There are some old courses as well such as bioengineering and offshore engineering courses and computer engineering.

The Utah State University offers you any of these courses: Biochemical Engineering Course, Uncertainty in Engineering Analysis, and Communication Systems. You can also choose from any of these courses: biological and irrigation engineering, environmental engineering, and civil engineering. This univeristy’s engineering curriculums are known to make good use of multimedia elements such as text and images.

The online distance education in engineering is also offered at the University of California, Berkeley which has courses on Introduction to Microelectronics Circuits, Mechanical Engineering Design Course, and Electrical Engineering. They have a comprehensive library of lectures available for download to the students as MP3 files.

Through the Open Learning Initiative, the Carnegie Mellon University only offers one engineering course which is good for those interested in civil or mechanical engineering. However, the course is highly regarded and is reputed to have some of the most updated and complete modules.

Is it as Good as any Campus Degree?

The differences between having an online degree and traditional classes involve a lot of things. A comprehensive curriculum isn’t enough; the student must also put in his best effort. You must be self-motivated to be successful in this field. You must be able to work independently and commit enough time for your studies. And of course, you must be comfortable communicating through email.

So with these online distance education in engineering, consider accreditation and location. Persevere in your studies and soon enough, success will come knocking at your door.

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