Distance Learning Law Degree

Earn a Distance Learning Law Degree

It is possible to juggle work, family, and study at the same time. For some, it may seem impossible. If you have a busy schedule, yet you want to pursue your studies in law, don’t let those factors hinder you from fulfilling your dreams of becoming a lawyer, and get a distance law degree.

Back in the old days, you’d have to travel miles just to enroll at prestigious law schools, and pay expensive tuition. But now, there is such a thing as studying from a distance. With the advancement in technology, a few schools have come up with the idea of providing education to industrious people, such as yourself, from the comforts of your home.distance law degree open book

Yes, it’s already well-known nowadays that a law degree may be earned in a few years time online via distance learning law degree programs. The curriculum is practically the same as those who get their education from traditional settings. There are also some advantages to home-schooling in that you don’t have to worry about unnecessary expenses for dorm fees and allowances. Any money you save can be put to good use paying for more important things or spent on your family.

What are the challenges of a distance law degree?

With every good thing, sometimes, there is a catch. When you want to get your law degree online, there are some reminders that you may need to know about. One is that, among the fifty states of America, only the state of California recognizes online law degree programs and distance law degrees. So, you may want to think about relocating if you don’t live anywhere near California.

Second, only if you meet the prerequisites and requirements of the Committee if Bar Examiners of the State Bar of California will you be allowed to take the bar examination. For example, you must complete a total of 864 hours of study each year so as to comply with the standards of the committee. Another concern is that only a few online schools are accredited by the state. The list is provided in their official website, so you might want to check first before enrolling in an advertised school.

Last, once you pass the state bar for California, you will only be allowed to practice law in the state of California. Only if you have already practiced for several years will you be permitted to practice your profession in other states

A distance law degree is a prized possession most of us dream of. Employment after achieving a degree is of primary importance to everyone. For those people with busy lives, think about getting a law degree online. Take note, it is not for everybody, with the challenges mentioned above, some may even re-think in pursuing their dreams. But for a chosen few, these challenges could turn out to be just mere bliss memories once you have graduated and earned your law degree in the future. Give yourself the chance to become a lawyer and who knows, success may be around the corner after you finish the program.

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