Eligibility for Financial Aid

Eligibility for Financial Aid

elgibility for financial aidTo claim your share of the many billions of dollars in student awards granted every year, you have to demonstrate eligibility for financial aid. To do this, there are a number of conditions which you have to meet.

Conditions Determining Eligibility for Financial Aid

  • You must be able to show financial need, although some loans can be made without this.
  • You should possess a high school diploma or have a General Education Development (GED) Certificate. Other evidence of educational achievement approved by the Department of Education can also be accepted.
  • Your degree or certificate program should be one which is eligible for FSA
  • You should either have US citizenship or belong to the groups classified as eligible noncitizens
  • You must have a valid social security number. (This condition does not apply if you are from the Palau Republic, Micronesia, or the Marshall Islands).
  • You may have to register with the Selective Service (which calls men for military service during time of need).
  • You need to maintain adequate progress in your college studies
  • Your eligibility for financial aid will be adversely affected if you have defaulted on repayment of a student loan and you will be asked to certify this is not the case
  • You also need to certify that any student aid funds you are awarded by grant or loan will be used only in pursuit of your education

Getting Advice on Your Eligibility for Financial Aid

Determining your eligibility for financial aid will mean navigating your way through a batch of rules and regulations. As soon as possible you should consult your college’s Financial Aid Office to make sure you get the best advice.

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