Engineering Management Schools and Careers

Engineering Management Schools and Careers

engineering managementEngineering management online programs are attracting an emerging group of engineering students because of the continued popularity of this unique specialty.  Among all engineering specialties, this is the most suitable for online study because it is heavy on hypothetical discussions rather than hands-on study.  New technologies now allow students to view hypothetical scenarios in real time and create management decisions that solve the problems presented. Interaction among classmates and faculty are done through chat rooms, instant messaging, and email. Apart from technical expertise, engineering management programs also aim to imbibe passion for problem solving amongst the student-body.

Prospective engineering managers can choose from a number of online colleges and universities that offer varied coursework including managerial science, marketing, accounting, materials handling and plant layout, computer science, physics and chemistry and systems engineering.  Additional courses will also be taken depending on the chosen specialty:  crisis, emergency, and risk management; economics, finance, and cost accounting; engineering and technology management; environmental and energy management; information security management; knowledge management; management and reliability of infrastructure systems or operations research and management science.

Engineering management programs can provide a pathway for a fulfilling career in the engineering field.  Positions in need of engineering management degrees include manufacturing management, logistics, technical consulting, and chemical process consulting.

Engineering managers occupy a distinct position in their industry. A typical working day entails them to combine their management skills and engineering expertise to lead successful teams in highly technical tasks. It is important also that management engineers possess strong communication skills to relate effectively with colleagues and subordinates.

Overall, the future for engineers continues to be bright according to financial and economic experts.  A recent survey done in the United States revealed that professionals top ranking career opportunities belong to those with degrees from engineering management schools.

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