Executive Office Assistant

Executive Office Assistant

executive office assistantExecutive assistants serve as the basic support system of high-level officers within a company. The field of administrative assistance is a fine balance of technical aptitude and interpersonal skills.  Executive assistants oversee that an office is running smoothly with careful arranging of correspondence and agenda. Executive assistants are expected to develop board or committee meeting agendas, manage and update an executive’s schedule, book travel arrangements, handle logistics and represent an executive in meetings. Additionally, executive assistants often perform various administrative paperwork on behalf of an executive. At the highest level, executive assistants can be tasked with supervising members of a clerical staff and train newly boarded employees.

An executive assistant can get a degree in office administration or office management. Such degree programs include courses in fundamental business and instructions in office computer applications used for data maintenance, accounting, schedule planning and correspondence preparation. Additionally, a would-be executive assistant can develop skills in project management and research. Communication is essential in the role of an executive assistant, many programs put emphasis in business writing, professional human relations and Internet communication.

There’s a high-demand in the field of administrative assistance nowadays. It is considered to be a lucrative yet competitive career because it not only requires technical competency, but equally important are communication and interpersonal skills as an executive assistant interacts with a variety of professionals and clients. This type of job will remain to be an important role in shaping a business organization (position of trust), therefore adaptability, versatility, discretion, initiative, and good judgment are desirable qualities of executive assistants.

An executive assistant job is a good career choice for individuals who are interested to work in the business field and helping top executives.

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