Federal Education Grants

Federal Education Grants

federal education grantsFederal education grants have a major advantage over loans. They don’t have to be paid back! So it is important to make sure you get your fair share of any government education grants you are eligible for.

Eligibility for federal grants for education

The main conditions of eligibility for federal education grants are

  • Being a US citizen (or an eligible noncitizen)
  • Having a valid social security number
  • Enrolling on an approved course at an approved college
  • Showing financial need
  • Maintaining satisfactory progress in your education

You should consult your college Financial Aid Office the check your eligibility status

Federal Pell Grants

Most undergraduate funding packages begin with a Pell Grant which is the basic education grant. The value of these grants for education range from $400 to $4,050 per year. How much you receive depends on what your parents can afford to pay, and whether you are a full-time or part-time student

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (FSEOGs)

FSEOGs are government education grants which you can apply for if you have exceptional financial need. These education grants are reserved for students with the lowest expected family contribution (EFC). If you are already a Pell Grant awardee you will get priority for an FSEOG.

Academic Competitiveness Grant

If you are a US citizen who graduated high school no earlier than 1st January 2005, you completed a high school program defined as “rigorous”, and you are eligible for a Pell Grant then you may qualify for an Academic Competitiveness Grant. This is paid on top of your Pell Grant. These grants for education are worth up to $750 for first-year students and up to $1,300 for second-years.

National SMART Grant

These federal education grants can be awarded to students in science, technology, math, languages and other specific disciplines.

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