Homeland Security

Homeland Security

homeland securityOnline homeland security programs prepare students to serve in positions that support agencies and activities concerning national safety and preparedness.  National disaster and security coordinating offices are high-profile cabinet departments that continue to create and fill positions vital in achieving a nation’s goal of safety and security for its citizens. Opportunities therefore, exist and abound for those who desire a career in public safety and service.

To establish a career in this field, one has to get a homeland security education, which is now available online or on-campus.  Aside from the general courses, specialization in areas such as network security, emergency management, terrorism management, digital security, and infrastructure security are also made available for aspiring homeland security officers.   In some homeland security programs, homeland security courses are under criminal justice and legal studies programs, while in other schools, this program is part of public administration, or public policy.  The introduction of homeland security programs continues to play a big role in providing highly trained homeland security personnel to fill critical positions in the government.

A typical coursework may include the study of border security, gang violence, natural disaster preparation, management of hazardous materials, terrorism preparedness, critical incident management, and facilities security.  After having received a bachelor’s degree, a homeland security program graduate may be employed as Special Agents, Customs Investigators, Drug Enforcement Officers, Diplomatic Security and Homeland Security Special Agents and Marshalls.  Getting employed as trained safety and security workers in businesses, airports, home building associations, stadiums, public safety, security police officers is also possible.

A recent survey indicated positive employment statistics in all major areas of public safety, including homeland security.  Hence, homeland security programs can expect to have a continuous increase in its student registrations.

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