Hospitality Management Training and Requirements

Hospitality Management Training and Requirements

So what to expect in hospitality management training? Is it all about cooking, maintaining the kitchen or managing an office or is there more to this? What should you do or not do when taking up the course?hospitality management training and requirements pen

Here are just some of the things you should expect when taking up a course in hospitality management.

Hospitality Management Training and Requirements

There are a variety of training programs, each with different qualifications for entry. There are some courses that cater to a younger demographic; even 16-years old can enroll and gain some experience. This is called the Young Apprenticeship Program where youngsters can be introduced to the professional world without having to study fulltime. There is also the NVQ (National Vocational Qualification), a competence-based qualification program which can also provide work experience.

There are actually three levels to this.

The first is the Apprenticeship Program where you can work for Key Skills Qualifications, NVQ Level 2, and a technical stuff where you can have BTEC Program. Of course, you will need good standing to enter this program. Second is the Advanced Apprenticeship Program where you can earn a possible technical certificate. The third level is the Higher Apprenticeship Program which has the most complex and sophisticated training.

There are Certificate Programs such as the Higher National Certificate and the Higher National Diploma (NHC and HND) which are vocational higher education qualifications. This is different from the bachelor’s degree program because instead of you just gaining knowledge, you can put this knowledge to good use through practical skills. This course can take around one year in a traditional classroom setting or two years through the distance learning program.

Other degrees that you can earn in hospitality management training include the Diploma of Higher Education which usually takes two years to complete; the Foundation degree which gives you the knowledge and the skills needed in working for a business or a hotel; a Bachelor’s degree, a four year course which gives you a complete understanding of the subject; the Graduate Apprenticeship for those who have already a degree and a diploma and are just looking to gain practical vocational knowledge; and the Institute of Hospitality qualifications for those who want to beef up their leadership and management styles and update their professional business knowledge. The requirements for each will vary but, at the least, you need to have worked in the hospitality industry and have a good grasp of math and english.

What Else to Expect in Hospitality Management Training

Most schools require that you have at least earned a GED. Others require you to have a high SAT score. When you are finally accepted, expect a lot of hands-on work. Examples of things you will learn is hot to make a soufflé that doesn’t fall and create a crème brulee that doesn’t scramble. Of course you will be able to consult with professional and experts to guide you in the tasks at hand.

But the most important thing in hospitality management training is the passion to work hard for your degree. Be persistent.

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