How Can a Nurse Become a Doctor?

How Can a Nurse Become a Doctor?

How can a nurse become a doctor? A lot of registered nurses aim to become doctors, which is possible when they continue further studies. The key to becoming a doctor is to get an advance degree. An RN needs to check with the state where he or she lives to see what the requirements are in order to study as a doctor.doctors stetoscope

Requirements in Pursuing Medicine

A degree in nursing is a qualified pre-med course. Any RN may opt to take the medical college admission test or MCAT. This is an exam that pre-qualifies students to get into medical school of their choice. Certainly, nurses may enroll in a medical school once they pass this exam based on the school’s standards.

Obviously, one’s choice of school will play a big role in your chosen career path. An RN must also meet the school’s requirements apart from passing the MCAT.

A medical school would ask an applicant his or her employment record as a nurse in order to have a background on his or her job performance. There are medical schools that require a registered nurse to write an application letter regarding his or her intention to pursue advance studies. Also, a personal interview is conducted so as to determine if an applicant is fit to take the course. In short, when you apply for medical studies, you will be accepted only after passing a rigorous investigation process.

The best thing regarding pursuing a medical degree is that the school credits all the courses an applicant took in the nursing degree. Because of this, a nurse can effectively “skip” a large number of the classes thereby shortening the duration of schooling in medicine. Most often, the medical school also gives credits to an RN’s actual experience as a practitioner of nursing.

So, how can a nurse become a doctor after being qualified to enter medical school? When a nurse is accepted in a medical school, he or she will have to acquire both classroom and clinical learning experience. After one accomplishes four years of fundamental studies, they have to attend internship within a hospital setting for a period of one year.  Apart from working at different medical departments, they will have to pass the practical and written exams. A medical student may graduate only after he or she passes the course and completes the internship.

After graduation, all that is left is to take and pass the medical board exam. After passing this examination, one may finally apply for hospital residency to practice their profession.

Career Options

There are a number of career paths available to those who have finished a degree in medicine, with more than 50 available career options, a doctor can readily find a right career. Some options may include being a general practitioner, surgeon, psychiatrist, geneticist, medical lecturer, and medical researcher, among others.

To take it to the next level, nurses must have a passion in committing their lives to help others; their whole career will revolve on fulfilling that noble mission. How can a nurse become a doctor and succeed if he or she doesn’t have compassion for others?

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