How Long Does Law School Take

How Long Does Law School Take?

Getting a law degree is not easy. It requires patience, diligence, and a whole lot of studying! So if you think you have what it takes to venture into law and start practicing at the courts, then listen up. The first question that should come to your mind is, “How long does law school take?”school pen and calendar

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The Pre-Law Course

First you must earn a bachelor’s degree. It doesn’t have to be a pre-law course such as political science. Any law related degree will do; criminal justice is a good choice. You have the option of taking the usual four-year degree or a shorter two-year course. Remember that a bachelor’s degree is a prerequisite to all law degrees, including homeland security, criminal justice, and public safety.

Once you’re earned your degree, the next step is law school. You’ll be studying for another three to four years, depending on the requirements of your university. Most colleges won’t allow you to take longer than three years to earn your Juris Doctor (JD) degree, but this is all based on the agreement you made with your school.

Tips on Getting into Law

The path to a law degree begins with your high school grades. Obtaining a high GPA increases your chances of becoming a lawyer. Aside from that, you will need to pass several exams to make it through the application process of Law School.

Here are tips and pointers you need to keep in mind when finally deciding on a law degree.

  • You need to have a high GPA to make it into the best law schools in the country (Harvard, Yale, Stanford and Columbia). Try to keep it above 3.5 to ensure greater chances of entering these schools.
  • Make friends with your professors while you’re in high school. You need their letters of recommendation and signatures when applying to law school.
  • Get into extracurricular activities in school like joining the debating team or student council. These activities show your commitment and drive and can improve your chances of being accepted.
  • Of course, don’t forget to study for the LSAT or Law School Admission Test. You can enrol in a prep course, read books, and consult multiple study guides so that you can achieve the highest scores in your batch. A good LSAT score is crucial to get into the best law school.
  • You need to write about your own personal mission statement and describe your core values. Have your professors review this to ensure that it is written well.
  • Don’t apply for online courses. These are not ABA accredited and regionally accredited. You will just be wasting your time, money ,and effort.

So how long does law school take? Five and a half to seven years. It may take you longer but you’ll get there eventually as long as you stick to your studies.

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