Is Social Work Right For You?

Is Social Work Right For You?

How to become a Social Worker

is social work right for youWant to know how to become a social worker? Do you like helping people who are experiencing familial difficulties or personal difficulties? Have a natural empathy for those who are going through some difficulties in their lives? Being a social worker might be just for you.

A social worker is a mental health professional who helps both adults and children through emotional and mental stress. They also work closely with Child Protective Services (CPS). In order for you to be a social worker, you must have some specific personality traits to guarantee success in the profession. Remember, you shouldn’t be judgmental, you should be sympathetic and understanding of people.

More often than not, becoming a social worker requires a degree to be able to perform in a professional level. Future social workers can gain the experience long before they enter college by taking courses such as psychology, English, health, biology and other related courses. Students who enter a bachelor degree program are trained effectively to study and analyze individuals, families or groups. Most courses in these programs are general courses such as English, social sciences and cultural studies, then you advance to more specific courses such as abnormal psychology and human growth and development. There’s also an additional requirement for you to have at least four hundred hours of clinical experience and proper certification and licensing to become a social worker.

A master’s degree in social work will help to advance your future career and open doors for you. This would require you to have at least 1,200 hours of clinical experience under the supervision of a certified social worker with a local government agency. Completion of such will allow you to have the opportunity finish licensing and certification requirements as determined by state and facility regulations administered by the National Association of Social Workers.

If you want to further your education, you can take up a doctoral degree in social work, which would allow you to be an expert in the field of social work programs.

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