How to become a CPA/Accountant

How to become a CPA/Accountant

how to become a cpa/accountantDo you want to know what makes a successful CPA/Accountant or how to become a CPA/Accountant? Do you have a special talent for numbers from a young age? You might just have the making of an accountant.

What you need to make sure to become a CPA or an Accountant is that you love math and excel in the subject and great attention for detail. First you must understand the difference between CPAs and Accountants. All CPAs are accountants, but not all accountants are CPAs. CPAs are different from accountants by a rigid state and licensing requirements from the government and that includes examinations, education and experience. CPA’s are among those extensively trained and experienced tax advisors.

First and foremost, there are the educational requirements to become an accountant. Enroll in a college with an accounting program accredited by the Association for the Advancement of Collegiate Schools of Business or something equivalent. Once you get in, take it seriously. Accounting is a fairly easy once you understand the concept and never take it for granted. It helps to remember that it’s actually your career training if you plan to take the CPA exam to get your license.

While some schools doesn’t require on-the-job training, there are a lot that do. Take summer jobs at accounting firms to get a little experience on how it’s like to work in one and understand the profession and what’s going on inside. These types of experiences can give you an edge in the future when looking for an accounting firm in which to work.

The important thing is to take every opportunity as a challenge and a learning experience and will increase your value to your future employers. Don’t say you’re not good in math so you can’t be an accountant. Of course, you can. It’s basic addition, subtraction, and multiplication those are the things you’ve learned long before you even entered middle school. As long as you have an analytical mind for numbers and transactions then you’ll be able to do it.

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