How to become a Dentist

How to become a Dentist

how to become a dentistWhat do we actually know about dentists? How did they become one exactly?  And if you’ve wondered a couple of times on how to become a dentist, then let’s give you some information you might need.

Dentists are responsible for curing our teeth problems. Those range from fighting gum disease, extractions, replacing missing teeth and preventative care. But they didn’t become dentists overnight. They went through four years of undergraduate study and another four years of dental school is the minimum requirement, so next time you visit your dentist, you might have a whole new level of respect for them.

First you need to attend an undergraduate school; you need to hold a bachelor’s degree before you can enter any dental school. There are few dental schools that can accept an applicant with just two or three years of undergraduate study, but a completed degree is preferred. Biology, physics and chemistry courses are relevant to your studies; they’ll help you as you go along.

Before you enter dental school, the first test you’ll need to pass is the Dental Admission Test. This test will assess your academic capacity. Once you get into dental school, work hard and get good grades. You’ll need to complete a dental degree, one that’s approved by the American Dental Association’s Commission on Dental Accreditation. Dental school will need your Dental Admission Test scores, grade point average and several letters of  recommendation during the admission.

All dentists need to have a license to set up a practice and practice as a dentist. However, licensure requirements vary by state. But regardless of the state where you want to practice, you’ll need to pass the National Board Dental Examination. This is a two part test; written and practical examination which is given by the state licensing board.

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